Author Topic: We Got A Fatburger!  (Read 312 times)

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Re: We Got A Fatburger!
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lol @ Sik's story.

I was in Seattle on Wed night around 1:00am at this gas station right by Qwest Feild, so we start putting gas in the car, all of a sudden 4 bums come out of the bush and start begging for money.  So we gave em like $3.00 in canadian dimes and nickels, lol.  They were like "what the fuck is this?"


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Re: We Got A Fatburger!
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Man, fuck those crackhead beggin' bums...Especially when Sikotics dumb whiteboy friends give them 7 bux. Shit, that's like a blunt of some chronic.

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Re: We Got A Fatburger!
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lol a funny story about when i went to Fatburger on friday. This homeless black guy comes up to me and my friends. I wasn;t gonna gve the bum shit because he looked like a crackhead. He even had the cheap suit like Tyrone Biggums. Anyways, my friends because they were raised in the valley all their lives, fear black people like dikes fear dick (but theyre friends with me, how ironic lol).

I told the bum I had no money. They cough up like 7 dollars for him, I was so pissed that they gave him that much. Then he's like "Thank you my brothas. Cuz y'all my brothas, unlike this cheap nigga ova here (referring to me)", and he runs off lol.


When I had my apartment, I was walking through the parking lot to get to my building, and this crackhead stops me. He's like "Yo dogg, you got that work? I need that shit!". I said no and tried to continue on my way, then his ass runs in front of me and was like "Can I get like $2 from you so I can get a burger then?". First he asked to buy drugs from me, then he wanted me to give him money. I just ignored him and walked into my building.