Author Topic: Lmao ; i had a bball tourney today...  (Read 49 times)


Lmao ; i had a bball tourney today...
« on: August 20, 2005, 09:00:42 AM »
there where suppose to be like 12/13 teams, only where 6, with 3 of my club lol...

1; BG Real Ballers; some tall dudes from my club :P
2; Underdogs; My homies in the other team
3; Groupie Love; my team :D
4; 25 flip shit whatev; the organisator together with 2 wannabe eminems and 1 african who thought he could play ball but def. could not lol
5; KC City Ballers or somethin; 2 germans wiggers and 1 german african lol, if you looked at them hahahaha; they where so good lmao...
6; 2 Indo guys and a white snoop dogg guy lol. those indo guys where stoned so, they quitted because they got their asses whooped :P

So, I got to the table where these chicks where waiting for teams to sign up lol, I said " Our Name is Groupie Love". she was like "Ur Serious?" i was like " oh yeah I guess so.." so she started to write groupie love lmao
so, my team owned all teams except for the n1, we got our asses kicked lol, so we finished second in the group, and those lame ass organisators omfg, in semi finals they put us up against the n1 again, and we olmost won lol 17-16...

after that organisation got their asses whooped by my other homies...

and after that we whooped the organisations ass , they could make a 2 pointer and decide the game, but me and another homie where dubble teaming him lmao :D, that african guy was like OMG U CANT DO THAT ! and trippin and all that, we where like whatev, yay a cup. :D

so that's my lifetimestory for today.