Author Topic: Q;for true heads and connoisseurs, how good or bad is J Felony's Whatcha Gonna  (Read 217 times)


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This question is for the true heads and hip-hop connoisseurs only, how good or bad really is Jayo Felony Felony's Whatcha Gonnna Do album???

I really want to know, don't be condescending on it, I want the truth.

I would really like some particular comments on the quality of his flow as well, how good is it honestly.

How good or bad a hip-hop album is it?


Damn! Hoenstly there is nothing bad about the album at all, it has great replay value, his flow is fuckin maginficent on it! Whoever told you different is trippin on Nelly-Dick, i mean no it doesnt have any sing song type shit except for "Whacha Gon Do?", but tracks like "Nobody On Dry Land" are simply Jayo's best work! I mean he spit so much shit on the song it has had me rewinding it since '98..."Nitty Gritty" is also an upbeat song that is party-like yet it still keeps its lyrical punch cause Jayo's flow is off-beat and back on in true Bullet Loco style! "JAYO" is one of the best West Coast MC tracks featuring living legend Ice Cube and Bay Area Ambassador E-40...the album is really dope he even speaks his mind on "End Of The World"...

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That JAYO track was the lick Ice Cube ripped that sick beat up.


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i thought it was a good album...... nitty gritty is still da jam........

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Great beats, great lyrics, great hooks, great guests...

Yeah, it's alright 8)
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Good album overall


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That shit is bumping!meth,X,JAY went off.
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It's a very tight album: good lyrics by Jayo & top-notch production from E-A-Ski, DJ Silk, T-Phunk, etc...


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yea its a great album....its my favorite jayo felony album....

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I'm not really a big Jayo fan.  But that album is dope.


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I would give this album a 3.5/5. It has bangers, like Nobody on Dry Land, Whatcha Gonna Do and the remix. Damn, I haven't listened to this in years, I only have it on tape.

The impression I had of the album is that Jayo is really hungry and came with a lot of energy, almost too much energy. I felt like if he could really harness that energy, he could make an incredible album. I felt like his energy and anger was unfocused on some of the songs, like a hydrogen bomb explosion as opposed to a controlled cold fusion reaction, if that makes sense.
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in my opinion this album is between a very good album and great album.  no weak tracks at all.
Also Nitty Gritty produced by ea-ski is without question one of the best songs ever


Whatcha Gonna Do's dope , are therer any other jayo felony albums ?  ???


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Take A Ride - (5/5 CLASSIC) people dont know about this??
Crip Hop are his others

as for Whatcha Gonna Do, yea its pretty damn flawless. Jayo came correct with his flow, delivery and lyrics. PRoduction and features were on point too for bullets sophomore album. Most tracks are bangin, my favourites gotta be Im Deadly, Nobody On Dry Land, Nitty Gritty, J.A.Y.O., Lovely, Finna Shit On Em, End Of The World. If u askin this question coz u wanna know whether to buy it or not, well just get it is my advice.


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loved that song.......anyway I enjoyed this album and still do....Take A Ride is on a whole different level though, THATS the classic.