Author Topic: Jonah Goldberg Calls Republicans Incompetent Hypocrites..  (Read 70 times)


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Jonah Goldberg Calls Republicans Incompetent Hypocrites..
« on: September 02, 2005, 08:03:48 AM »
Just so everyone knows... Jonah Goldberg is the Editor of the MOST well known conservative magazine in the country.  This isn't liberal trash talk, this is a republican that is finally starting to talk the truth.  It's sad how long a lot of poeple have been pointing out these problems, and how long it took the partisan bigots to finally start to wake-up and put the interests of the country before their selfish partisanship.

As I think about what the finger-pointers are likely to say in the aftermath of all this it's hard not to credit some of their complaints. For years, Democrats complained that we needed to spend more on "first-responders." I took this for what it often was: an attempt to pad municipal budgets with pork. But, one must concede it wasn't entirely about that either. And while it's likely this disaster would have presented many if not most of the challenges we're seeing this week, even if all that money had been spent as the Democrats wanted, it remains hard to dispute that it would have been better spent than much of the garbage in recent budgets.

And that's the point: The choice isn't between a lean, fiscally responsible, Republican budget and a porcine Democratic budget which included money for first responders. The Republican Congress has proven to be just about as disgusting in its spending as a Democratic Congress might have been. Sure, perhaps Democrats would have spent a bit more, but Republicans are supposed to be against bloated government and the stealing of tax dollars for personal projects and missions. So whatever pennies we've hypothetically saved with Republicans, their hypocrisy and betrayal of principle more than compensates.

So the question is, would the money have been better spent if the Republicans hadn't gotten their way? And, though it sickens me to say so, that is at best an open question. I have the utmost faith in the kleptocratic and dysfunctional governments of New Orleans and Louisiana to waste and steal money. But, we were supposed to be preparing --at the national level -- for a major terrorist attack for the last four years. I just don't see much evidence of that preparation

and other republicans agree...

WELL SAID [Andrew Stuttaford]
Dead right, Jonah, and, when it comes to the question of the wasted money, the other ugly question (and one that NR has asked before) concerns the responsibility of the President who failed to veto any of this spending.