Author Topic: Beirut Officially: The 4 Generals killed Hariri  (Read 69 times)


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Beirut Officially: The 4 Generals killed Hariri
« on: September 04, 2005, 10:36:47 AM »
Chirac:I will not rest b4 Lahoud and Assad are handed over to international justice.
Saiid: Lahoud's reign is over
Jumblatt: more arrests to come

these guys use to fuck with everyone and use to brag about how they ruled the country...FUCKIN ASSHOLES ... god I remember them using the "repression" units and "protection & Intervention" units (each guy is like 6.4 220+ pounds)to beat the shit out of protesters , they use to step on the necks of girls after throwing them to the ground(google search the august 7th events) not to mention all the false accustion and killings they use to take part of.....and now look at them handcuffed
THERE IS A GOD!!!!!!!!!

well here they are:

-Jamil El Sayied(shiaa):head of general security , way too many crimes to name way waaaay too many.

-Raymond Azar(christian): head of army intelligence
notes of interest: a car belonging to his apparatus was following hariri's convoy that day
his wife had 3 Moukafaha(repression) guys with her at all times , why? one use to push her shopping cart , one to carry her bags and one to drive the car......

-Mostapha Hamadan(shiaa): head of the republican guard
notes of interest: HUUUUUUGGGGEEEE guy , like 6.8 300 pounds , use to present rolexs , diamonds , DVDs and plazma TVs to seduce women who work in the presidential palace to have sex with him and when one refused ...well i know one of em and she now lives in Paris , use to brag that he was more powerful than the president and use to be part of the 6th Brigade during the war , they refused to fight when asked to back up the 5th brigade in their fight against the amal militia and PSP which lead to the death of various christian officers and the break up of the newly reformed army , Lahoud "chose" him because of his

-Ali El Hag(shiaa): head of internal security (police)
notes of interest: use to be hariri's bodyguard and was removed because hariri suspected him of being a syrian spy ....hmmmmm.... oh and he has a ridiculous mustache   

they are all awaiting trial and might get executed by firing squad (very slim chance) , and what there arrest basically means is that Syria and the pres are involed (yay) and Hizzballah don't seem to be.