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Public Enemy -It takes a nation of millions to holds us back
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Category:East Coast Rap,Old skool rap
Labe:Def Jam
Date of release:1988
Chuk D - Messenger of prophecy
Flavor Flav - The cold lamper
Terminator X - Assault technnician
Proffessor griff - Minister of information

1.Countdown to armageddon (intro)

2.Dont believe the hype
One of the greatest songs in the history of Hip-Hop the beat is perfect
and the lyrics are verry nice too. 5/5

Never badder than badīcause the brother is madder than mad
At the fact thatīs corrupt as a senator
Soul on a roll, but you treat it like a soap on a rope
īCause the beats in the lines are so dope
Listen for lesson Iīm saying inside music thats that the critics are blasting me for
Theyīll never care  for the brothers and sisters now across the country has up the war

3.Donīt believe the hype
An amazing flow and rhyme on ths track 5/5

Iīm not a hooligan
I rock the party and
clear all the madness, iīm not a racist

4.Cold lamping with Flavor 4/5
A solo track of Flavor Flav itīs not the best track on the album but still nice
i donīt like his writting style on this track.

5.Terminator X to the edge of panic
Another nice track, I think some of you guys donīt dig the beat 5/5

Terminator X go off
Terminator X go off
Terminator X go off
Terminator X go off
Go,Go,Go,Go,Go ,Go

6.Mind terrorist (skit)

7.Louder than a bomb
5/5 Cause thy louder then a bom

8.Caught can I get a witness 5/5
Funny track, Caught now Iīm in court cause I stoel a beat

9.Show em watcha got  (kind of a skit)

10.She watch channel zero 5/5

11.Night of thecliving baseheads
An verry loud track with a good beat lyric.
12.Black steel in the hour of gaos 5/5

13.Security of the first world (Skit)

14.Rebel without a pause 5/5
This is dope as fuck

15.Prophets of rage 4.5/5

16.Party for your right to fight 5/5
When the Beastie Boys droped The Fight for your rights (to party), they didnīt
expect this song in 88

5/5 Classic
Incredibale flow
Strong lyrics
and a lot of dope beats

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