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Daz Dillinger - R.A.W.
« on: September 22, 2005, 05:46:03 PM »
Daz Dillinger

1. Super Cuz (intro)

Just the intro, some Crip leaving a message on someones message machine.
He just talks shit and says how he's gonna beat his ass. I think it's funny...  :laugh:

2. Street Gangs (interlude)

This isn't a song but the beat knocks, great instrumental.
Over the instro is just a bunch of audio clips from videos of gang members talking about gang shit in the streets and it has a narrator on it talking about gang life...
The audio clips sound like it came from some kind of gang documentary.

3. What Cha Talkin Bout

Daz raps about runnin' in the streets with his gang.
Daz's lyrics are good, better than above average.
The beat is nice, it of course has that precise hard hitting Daz knock to it.
The chorus is catchy, overall a great track, the lyrics and beat mesh well.


4. This Iz Not Over 'Til We Say So'

Song made for his enemies. Talkin' about gettin' at them for the shit they tried to do to him.
Rappin' about how he's not gonna give up and he's gonna catch 'em and kill 'em!  :laugh:
This Iz Not Over 'Til We Say So' - title says it all
From reading the title you think it would be a hardcore track, but Daz spits good on it with hardcore lyrics over a slow melodic beat.
The beat is 10/10, really good deep piano melody and the typical hard hitting Daz kicks.
You can tell it was a really personal track.


5. One-Nine-99  (feat.  Lil' C-Style)

This track features Lil' C-Style from Long Beach (19th Street)
The lyrics are nothing special, just rapping about the Beach neighborhoods, around 19th Street and shit like that, and about feelin' good.  8)
Daz has some dope lines - "I slung tar before I had a car... went from a lil' ol' nigga to a worldwide rap star
                                        My pockets stay fat, sometimes I wanna say 'fuck rappin' and get sack
                                       (Why's that?) 'cause that's where my heart is at..."

Lil' C-Style kicks average but rhyming flows that are kinda funny - "I'm fresh out the County and ain't tryin to go back -
                                                                                               to fuckin roaches and rats, and nasty ass food, nigga ain't tryin' to eat that"

The beat has a lot of bass, it's very original and throughout has various melodies, good shit for your car system.


6. Who's Knocc'n At My Door

Daz raps about selling drugs, talkin' about how you sell drugs and you don't know who it could be knockin on your door or what they came for.

"Can I hear money knockin at my door?, can the police be comin for the weed and the 'yo"

Lyrics are pretty good, talkin' about his life while selling drugs and how good the money is and the shit you get and the bitchez etc.
Another piano melody in the beat, a slow beat but top-notch for sure. Catchy track.


7. When Ya Lease Exspected

Another track aimed at enemies... it's basically a more violent version of This Iz Not Over 'Til We Say So'
Read the title and you'll get the idea of what he's rapping about. The chorus explains it all:

"Ya can't run, ya can't hide, gon' get 'cha - when ya least expect it you gon' diiiiiiiiiiiiiie"

The lyrics are good, nothing great, but regardless of lyrics quality Daz always makes it sound fine with his flow.
The beat is one of the best ones on the album, very original, fast paced.


8. What It Iz

I'm not exactly sure who's he talking to other than Snoop Dogg.
Him and Snoop at the time weren't homies and he takes some shots at Snoop.
It all seems to be talkin' shit to others, but I'm not sure who else it is

"my best of friends, try to blast and do me in, What It Iz?
    I thought that we was down to the end, What It Iz?"

Good lyrics, a track you can tell was very personal at the time.
Rapping about him keepin' it real then people crossin' him and betraying him some how?

"Why these niggaz wanna act funny with the money... we used to be down back in the day"

The beat has a lot of bass and kick in it, obvious Daz beat.  8)


9. I'd Rather Lie 2 Ya  (feat.  Kurupt, Tray Deee)

This track is very good and it's about the truth of how gritty and shady the streets are.

"I'd rather lie to ya then sell ya hope, ain't nothin I can tell ya so I sell ya dope"

This appears to be about growing up and realizing nothing is good in the streets.
Rapping about selling drugs, gang bangin', not givin' a fuck, gettin' in trouble, how you got nothin' to lose. Kinda like a ghetto anthem.

"The United States?  seems like the Divided States.... liberty and justice for all? Shit, liberty and justice for y'all"

Kurupt does a few choruses and Tray Deee does a little outro appearance talking over the beat.
The beat is another perfect one on the album, hard hitting bass and kicks with some violin in the chorus.
Enough can't be said about how much of a banger this one is.  8)


10. On Tha Grind  (feat.  Kurupt)

This was also on Kurupt's "Space Boogie" album.... they both come off good lyrically, typical perfect chemistry.
The beat is good, quicker paced, fits the lyrics really well.... track sounds like a classic Dogg Pound collaboration, enough said  8)


11. If U Want This Pussy (interlude)

12. Your Gyrlfriend 2  (feat. Soopafly, Mac Shawn)

This isn't that good. The beat it okay but the rhymes are very simple.
The only thing good to be said about the track is that it's comedy!  :laugh:
They say some dumbass shit but if you're drunk or somethin' you'll get a laugh out of it at least.
Mac Shawn has the most simple flow I've ever heard.... just a weird track about fuckin' and treatin' a bitch like trash.
Nothin' even close to bein' as good as Kurupt's "Your Gyrlfriend"  :grumpy:


13. R.A.W.  (feat.  Kurupt)

A classic song, they both spit hard on this one. One of the best Daz n Kurupt tracks there is.
The title says it all - "RAW" - they spit some raw shit and show how tight they are and Kurupt rips the chorus:

"(RAW) rizeady and willin' murders and killin', war, sawed-off, Daz n Kurupt, we don't give a fuck"

they speak in slang throughout this one, a pretty dope idea, it works real well.

"we make our stizacks, murder kidnap and jack him for the scrizatch
     not givin' a fuck, you ain't mizatch""

it might seem stupid to those who can't understand what they're saying or are narrow minded.
If you hear what they're saying then it's a pretty dope concept and goes will with the beat.
The beat is perfect, alotta shit goin' on, hard to explain but  :-* so good.....


14. Itz All About That Money

I don't even need to explain what he raps about, read the fuckin' title.
Great beat, creepy sounding, slow, reminds me of the late night.  ;D


15. Movin' Around  (feat.  Slip Capone)

Good lyrics, Slip Capone comes off good.
Him and Daz rap about their lives past and present basically and how now they're gangstaz and about the streets in L.A.

"What 'cha gonna do if you wanna hang and bang... and move it around with them gangstaz"

Overall lyrics aren't bad, good rhymes.
Bouncy beat, I like it a lot, lot of bass.


16. U Ain't Know'n  (feat.  Tray Deee)

Track about the streets, hustlin' and shit like that. Another one about the shadiness of the streets.

"(You ain't knowin) what can go on in the streets, niggaz hustle and compete for power everyday in the streets"

Daz and Tray Deee come off good lyrically.
typical Tray Deee raps on these ones... vintage  8)
The beat has a great melody. One of the best tracks on the album.


17. Agony  (feat.  LaToiya Williams)

just LaToiya Williams singing

18. Feels Good  (feat.  Kurupt)

Feels good to know you got a hoe basically. Daz n Kurupt rap about their girls and how gangstaz need bitches to hold 'em down sometimes.
It's a good track, LaToiya Williams lays down good vocals on the chorus and the beat is bouncy with good melody.
I like this track a lot, it's a lot more loose then the others.


19. My System  (feat.  Kurupt)

Read the title, it's a song about how dope their systems are and this beat proves they got shit for the systems.
The lyrics are very simple, but this track is made simply for the beat. The bitch in the song fucks it up though.  >:(
It knocks extremely hard and that's the best part about it.  :)


20. Baccstabber  (f/ Tray Deee, Mark Morrison)

Not much rapping on this, Mark Morrison sings a lot, singing about betrayal and stuff like that.
Decent beat, not much of a track, more of a filler.


21. Super Cuz (outro)

The same kid on the intro, leaving another message about he he's gonna kill him.
Funny shit.... "fuck you cuhz I'm blastin'... we're gonna die together, we're all gonna die.... I don't give a fuck nigga"  :laugh:

overall this is a classic album, one of the West Coast's best...... vintage Daz production throughout and a good DPG album  8)



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Re: Daz Dillinger - R.A.W.
« Reply #1 on: September 23, 2005, 10:05:03 AM »
very good reveiw 4 a classic album. would not hav much changes but id give my system 8/10 and u aint knowin 8/10 with whatcha talkin bout a 10 its 1 of ma favs off the album


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Re: Daz Dillinger - R.A.W.
« Reply #2 on: March 16, 2006, 12:02:43 AM »
Dope album. Would have been a classic had it not tailed off towards the end. Tracks 1-10 are all bangin, even the funny ass intro.


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Re: Daz Dillinger - R.A.W.
« Reply #3 on: April 02, 2006, 01:39:40 AM »

BOUNCE.. kurupt snapped...



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Re: Daz Dillinger - R.A.W.
« Reply #4 on: April 11, 2006, 07:54:08 AM »

BOUNCE.. kurupt snapped...



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Re: Daz Dillinger - R.A.W.
« Reply #5 on: April 11, 2006, 08:29:16 AM »
good review but u graded tha tracks to high imo