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C.V. - Mannie Fresh (productions)
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                                Mannie Fresh


B.G. - 6 Figure  (feat. Lil' Wayne, Juvenile, Turk)
B.G. - Ah Ha...
B.G. - All On U
B.G. - Bat A Bitch
  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Baby)
B.G. - Big Tymers
B.G. - Bling Bling
  (feat. Baby, Turk, Lil' Wayne, Mannie Fresh, Juvenile)
B.G. - Bounce With Me
B.G. - Bout My Paper
B.G. - Cash Money is an Army
B.G. - Cash Money Roll
B.G. - Change the World
  (feat. Lil' Wayne, Juvenile, Mannie Fresh, Baby)
B.G. - Clean Up Man
B.G. - Dog Ass
  (feat. Juvenile)
B.G. - Doing Bad
B.G. - Don't Hate Me (Intro)
  (feat. Baby)
B.G. - Down For My Stacks
B.G. - From Tha 13th to Tha 17th
B.G. - Fuck Big Boy
B.G. - Gun Slinger
B.G. - Get In Line
  (feat. Juvenile)
B.G. - Get On My Feet
B.G. - Get Your Shine On  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Baby)
B.G. - Hard Times
B.G. - Hennessy & XTC  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Baby)
B.G. - He Used 2 Be A Man
B.G. - Hood Took Me Under
B.G. - Hot Boys 226
  (feat. Lil' Wayne, Juvenile, Bullet, Tec-9)
B.G. - I Know  (feat. Lil' Wayne)
B.G. - I'm Tryin'  (feat. Lil' Wayne, Juvenile)
B.G. - Intro (Chopper City In The Ghetto)
B.G. - Jungle
B.G. - Knock Out
  (feat. Turk, Juvenile)
B.G. - Livin' Legend
B.G. - Made Man  (feat. Baby)
B.G. - Move Around  (feat. Mannie Fresh)
B.G. - Niggas Don't Understand  (feat. Big Tymers)
B.G. - Niggaz In Trouble  (feat. Lil' Wayne, Juvenile)
B.G. - Niggas N Trouble  (feat. Mac)
B.G. - Order 20 Keys
B.G. - Plan Went Sour
B.G. - Play'n It Raw  (feat. Turk, Juvenile, Lil' Wayne)
B.G. - Play'n & Laugh'n
B.G. - Press One
B.G. - Problems
B.G. - Raw Rollin

B.G. - Real Niggaz
B.G. - Represent
B.G. - Retaliation  (feat. Juvenile, Bun B, Ms. Tee)
B.G. - Ride or Die  (feat. Juvenile, Lil' Wayne)
B.G. - Run With My Chopper
B.G. - So Much Death
B.G. - Start N Tha Game
B.G. - Stay "N" Line Hoe  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Baby)
B.G. - This Nigga Die
B.G. - Thrill B.G.
B.G. - Thug'n
B.G. - Thugged Out
B.G. - Too My People
B.G. - Trigga Play
B.G. - True Story
B.G. - "U" All "N"
B.G. - U Know How We Do
  (feat. Lil' Wayne)
B.G. - Uptown My Home
B.G. - Uptown Shit
B.G. - What's That Smell  (feat. Turk)
B.G. - What You Want Do
B.G. - Wheel Chairs  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Baby, Ms. Tee)
B.G. - With Tha B.G.  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Baby)

Baby - Baller Blockin'  (feat. E-40, Hot Boys)
Baby - Fly Away  (feat. TQ)
Baby - Fly In Any Weather  (feat. Jazze Pha)
Baby - Get Your Shine On  (feat. Lil' Wayne)
Baby - Hug Da Block
Baby - Hustlas, Pimps and Thugs  (feat. Eightball, TQ, Jazze Pha)
Baby - I Got To  (feat. Lil' Wayne)
Baby - Keeps Spinnin'  (feat. T.I., TQ, Mannie Fresh, Petey Pablo, Mikkey, Stone, Bizzy, Wolf, Gilly)
Baby - Ms. Bird  (feat. Mannie Fresh)
Baby - Never Had Nothing
Baby - Say It Ain't So
  (feat. Keith Murray, Boo & Gotti, Mikkey)
Baby - Shyne On  (feat. Lil' Wayne)
Baby - Solid Chic  (feat. Lil' Mo)
Baby - We Getting It On
Baby - Whatever  (feat. Lac & Stone)
Baby - Won't Be Coming Back

Big Tymers - #1
Big Tymers - #1 Stunna
  (feat. Lil' Wayne, Juvenile)
Big Tymers - 10 Ways
Big Tymers - A Beautiful Life
Big Tymers - Against The Wall
Big Tymers - Back Up
  (feat. Juvenile, Gilly)
Big Tymers - Baller Blockin Intro
Big Tymers - Ballin'
Big Tymers - Beat It Up  (feat. Tateeze)
Big Tymers - Beautiful
Big Tymers - Big Ballin'
Big Tymers - Big Money Heavyweight
Big Tymers - Big Talk (Intro)

Big Tymers - Big Tymers  (feat. Lac)
Big Tymers - Big Tymers Intro
Big Tymers - Cutlass, Monte Carlo's & Regals  (feat. Lil' Wayne, Juvenile)
Big Tymers - Da Man  (feat. Trick Daddy, TQ)
Big Tymers - Dirty D Boy  (feat. Gilly)
Big Tymers - Down South  (feat. Ludacris, Lil' Wayne, Jazze Pha)
Big Tymers - Drop It Like It's Hot  (feat. Juvenile, Cadillac)
Big Tymers - Get High  (feat. Jazze Pha)
Big Tymers - Get Your Roll On
Big Tymers - Gimme Some  (feat. TQ, Barewolf)
Big Tymers - Good Friday  (feat. Mack 10, Lil' Wayne)
Big Tymers - Got Everything  (feat. Tateeze)
Big Tymers - Hard Life  (feat. Juvenile, Lil' Wayne)
Big Tymers - Hello
Big Tymers - How Should I Ride  (feat. B.G., Cadillac)
Big Tymers - How U Luv That?  (feat. Juvenile)
Big Tymers - I'll Take You There  (feat. Petey Pablo, Joi)
Big Tymers - I'm A Dog
Big Tymers - Let Us Stunt  (feat. B.G., Turk)
Big Tymers - Lil' Mama
Big Tymers - Millionaire Dream  (feat. Lil' Wayne, Cadillac)
Big Tymers - Money & Power
Big Tymers - My Life
  (feat. Joi, Mikkey)
Big Tymers - My Life  (feat. B.G., Turk, Juvenile)
Big Tymers - My People
Big Tymers - Nigga Couldn't Know  (feat. Lil' Wayne)
Big Tymers - No, No  (feat. Lil' Wayne)
Big Tymers - Oh Yeah  (feat. Boo & Gotti, Tateeze)
Big Tymers - On Top of the World
Big Tymers - Pimpin'
Big Tymers - Pimp On
Big Tymers - Playboy (Don't Hate Me)  (feat. Bun B, Lil' Wayne)
Big Tymers - Project Bitch  (feat. Juvenile, Lil Wayne)
Big Tymers - Project Bitch (remix)  (feat. Juvenile, Lil Wayne, B.G.)
Big Tymers - Put That Shit Up  (feat. Mikkey, Lac, Stone)
Big Tymers - Rocky
Big Tymers - Slick Talkin' (Intro)
Big Tymers - Snake
Big Tymers - Southern Boy  (feat. Lil' Wanye, Bun B)
Big Tymers - Still Fly
Big Tymers - Stun'n (remix)  (feat. Lil' Wayne)
Big Tymers - Stuntastic  (feat B.G., Lil' Wayne)
Big Tymers - Suga & Pac, Puff & Big  (feat. B.G.)
Big Tymers - Sunday Night  (feat. Hot Boys)
Big Tymers - Tear It Up  (feat. B.G., Lil' Wayne)
Big Tymers - Tell Me  (feat. Lil' Wayne)
Big Tymers - The Preppy Pimp
Big Tymers - This Is How We Do
Big Tymers - To Be Played
  (feat. TQ)
Big Tymers - Top Of The Line Nigga
Big Tymers - U Are Not A Pimp  (feat. Tateeze, Gilly)
Big Tymers - We Ain't Stoppin'  (feat. Lil' Wayne, Turk, B.G., Juvenile)
Big Tymers - We Can Smoke  (feat. TQ)
Big Tymers - We Drop It
Big Tymers - We Hustle  (feat. Juvenile, B.G., Turk)

Black Despos - Oh No

Boo & Gotti - 1 Adam 12
  (feat. Stone)
Boo & Gotti - Baby Girl  (feat. TQ)
Boo & Gotti - Bad Chicks At The Bar
Boo & Gotti - Chicago
Boo & Gotti - Chi Town
  (feat. Tateeze, Mannie Fresh)
Boo & Gotti - Girls Be Trippin'  (feat. Gilly)
Boo & Gotti - Out Here
Boo & Gotti - Perfect Timing
Boo & Gotti - Ride Together
  (feat. Baby)
Boo & Gotti - Think...  (feat. Jazze Pha)

Boo Rossini - How It's Done  (feat. Mannie Fresh)

Bun B - I'm Fresh  (feat. Mannie Fresh)
Bun B - What I Represent (UGK)

Capone & Noreaga - Play That Shit  (feat. Big Tymers, Hot Boys, Musalini, Maze)

Chamillionare - Fly As The Sky  (feat. Lil' Wayne, Rasaq)
Chamillionare - Grind Like Us  (feat. Lil' Wayne, Mannie Fresh)

Chino Nino - U.P. T To Do Top  (feat. Juvenile, B.G.)

Chopper - How U Do It  (feat. Mannie Fresh)

Cristina - Daddy's Little Girl

David Banner - So In Love
David Banner - Two In Ya Body
  (feat. Mannie Fresh)

Dirty - That's Dirty  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Lil' Burn One, Mr. Blue)

Done Didit - Bussin' Heads and Gettin' Paid (remix)  (feat. Hot Boys, Big Tymers)

Freeway - Now Ya Know  (feat. Juvenile, Mannie Fresh)

Funkmaster Flex + Big Kap - Respect  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Hot Boys)

Gilly - So Gangsta  (feat. Major Figgas)

Hot Boys - 3 Strikes
Hot Boys - 50 Shots Sets It Off
Hot Boys - Block Burner  [Lil' Wayne]
Hot Boys - Blood Thicker
Hot Boys - Bout Whatever  [Turk]
Hot Boys - Boys at War
Hot Boys - Clear Tha Set  [Lil' Wayne]
Hot Boys - Dirty World
Hot Boys - Do Whatcha Do  (feat. Baby)
Hot Boys - Down Here
Hot Boys - Gangsta Nigga
  (feat. TQ)
Hot Boys - Get It How U Live!!
Hot Boys - Get Out the Way
Hot Boys - Help  [B.G.]
Hot Boys - I Feel
Hot Boys - I'm a Hot Boy  [B.G.]
Hot Boys - I'm Com'n  (feat. Bun B)
Hot Boys - I Need a Hot Girl  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Baby)
Hot Boys - Infrared Dot  [Turk]
Hot Boys - Intro
Hot Boys - Intro (Hot & Spicy)
Hot Boys - Jack Who, Take What
Hot Boys - Let 'Em Burn
Hot Boys - Millionare
  (feat. Big Tymers)
Hot Boys - My Section
Hot Boys - Neighborhood Superstar
Hot Boys - Off Wit Ya Head
Hot Boys - Respect My Mind
Hot Boys - Ridin'
Hot Boys - Rock Ice
  (feat. Big Tymers)
Hot Boys - Shoot 1st
Hot Boys - Spin Tha Bend
Hot Boys - Spit'n Game
Hot Boys - Stick & Move  (feat. Baby, Lac)
Hot Boys - Take It Off Your Shoulder  [Juvenile]
Hot Boys - These Hoes
Hot Boys - Too Hot
Hot Boys - Tuesday & Thursday
Hot Boys - Up In Tha Hood
Hot Boys - We On Fire
Hot Boys - We On Fire (remix)

Hot Boys - You Dig  [Juvenile]
Hot Boys - Young Riders

Juvenile - 3rd Ward Solja  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Magnolia Shorty)
Juvenile - 4 Minutes  (feat. B.G., Lil' Wayne, Turk)
Juvenile - 400 Degreez
Juvenile - Animal
Juvenile - Back That Azz Up
  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Lil' Wayne)
Juvenile - Be Gone  (feat. Baby, Mannie Fresh)
Juvenile - Bounce Back  (feat. Baby)
Juvenile - Catch Your Cut  (feat. B.G.)
Juvenile - Da Magnolia
Juvenile - Down South Posted
  (feat. Skip, Wacko)
Juvenile - Enemy Turf
Juvenile - Follow Me Now
Juvenile - For Everybody
  (feat. Skip, Wacko)
Juvenile - Fuck It
Juvenile - Fuck That Nigga
  (feat. B.G.)
Juvenile - Get It Right  (feat. Lil' Wayne, B.G.)
Juvenile - Get Your Hustle On  (feat. Big Tymers)
Juvenile - Ghetto Children
Juvenile - Gone Ride With Me
Juvenile - Guerrilla
Juvenile - Ha
Juvenile - Ha (Hot Boys remix)
  (feat. Turk, Lil' Wayne, B.G.)
Juvenile - Ha (remix)  (feat. Jay-Z)
Juvenile - Head In Advance
Juvenile - Hide Out or Ride Out  (feat. Lil' Wayne, Turk)
Juvenile - I Did That  (feat. B.G., Big Moe, Bulletproof)
Juvenile - I Got That Fire  (feat. Mannie Fresh)
Juvenile - In My Life  (feat. Mannie Fresh)
Juvenile - In Tha Nolia
Juvenile - In Ya Ass
Juvenile - It Ain't Mines
Juvenile - Juve 'The Great'
Juvenile - On Fire
Juvenile - Let's Roll
Juvenile - Lil' Boyz
  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Baby, Lil' Wayne)
Juvenile - Lil' Daddy  (feat. Baby)
Juvenile - Livin' in the Projects
Juvenile - Losin' Season  (feat. Big Tymers, B.G.)
Juvenile - Mama Got Ass
Juvenile - March Nigga Step
Juvenile - Money on the Couch
Juvenile - My Life
  (feat. TQ)
Juvenile - Never Had Shit  (feat. Turk, B.G., Baby)
Juvenile - Numb Numb
Juvenile - On Top
  (feat. Big Tymers)
Juvenile - Pimpinabitch
Juvenile - Roll With 'Em  (feat. Mannie Fresh)
Juvenile - Rover Truck
Juvenile - Run For It
  (feat. Lil' Wayne)
Juvenile - Set It Off
Juvenile - Set It Off (remix)
  (feat. Lil' Wayne, Baby, Turk)
Juvenile - Something Got 2 Shake  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Baby)
Juvenile - Solja Rag
Juvenile - Solja Rag (Radio Version)
Juvenile - Spittin' Game  (feat. Turk, Lil' Wayne, B.G., Bulletproof)
Juvenile - Sunshine  (feat. B.G., Baby, Mannie Fresh, Lil' Wayne)
Juvenile - Take Them 5
Juvenile - Tha G-Code  (feat. Lil' Wayne)
Juvenile - Tha Man
Juvenile - That's How It Be Happenin'
Juvenile - They Lied
  (feat. Baby)
Juvenile - U.P.T.  (feat. B.G., Baby, Lil' Wayne, Turk)
Juvenile - U Understand
Juvenile - Welcome 2 Tha Noila
  (feat. Turk)
Juvenile - Welcome 2 Tha Section  (feat. B.G., Bulletproof)
Juvenile - What U Scared 4  (feat. Lil' Wayne)
Juvenile - White Girl  (feat. Lil' Wayne, Baby)
Juvenile - Who's Tha M.F.
Juvenile - Ziggly Wiggly

Kilo G - Pop 'Em  (feat. Ms. Tee)

Kiotti - Fresh  (feat. Mannie Fresh)
Kiotti - Walk That Walk (Fresh)  (feat. Mannie Fresh)

Lil' Flip - What It Do  (feat. Mannie Fresh)

Lil' Wayne - 500 Degreez
Lil' Wayne - Act a Ass
  (feat. B.G.)
Lil' Wayne - Ain't That A Bitch
Lil' Wayne - Beef
Lil' Wayne - Biznite
Lil' Wayne - Bloodline
Lil' Wayne - BM J.R.
Lil' Wayne - Break Me Off
  (feat. Mannie Fresh)
Lil' Wayne - Bring It Back  (feat. Mannie Fresh)
Lil' Wayne - Calling Me Killer
Lil' Wayne - Cash Money Millionares

Lil' Wayne - Come On  (feat. B.G.)
Lil' Wayne - Drop It Like It's Hot  (feat. B.G., Mannie Fresh)
Lil' Wayne - Enemy Turf  (feat. Juvenile)
Lil' Wayne - Everything
Lil' Wayne - Fo' Sheezy
Lil' Wayne - Fuck Tha World
Lil' Wayne - Fuck Wit Me Now
Lil' Wayne - Fuck You  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Baby)
Lil' Wayne - Gangsta Shit  (feat. Petey Pablo)
Lil' Wayne - Gangstas and Pimps  (feat. Baby)
Lil' Wayne - Get Down  (feat. Baby)
Lil' Wayne - Get Off The Corner
Lil' Wayne - Go DJ
Lil' Wayne - Go Hard

Lil' Wayne - Grown Man
Lil' Wayne - High Beamin'  (feat. B.G.)
Lil' Wayne - Hit U Up  (feat. Turk, Juvenile, B.G.)
Lil' Wayne - Hoes  (feat. Mannie Fresh)
Lil' Wayne - I Miss My Dawgs  (feat. Reel)
Lil' Wayne - Intro  (feat. Big Tymers)
Lil' Wayne - Intro (Watch Them People)
Lil' Wayne - Jump Jiggy
Lil' Wayne - Kisha  (feat. Turk, Juvenile, B.G.)
Lil' Wayne - Let's Go  (feat. Big Tymers)
Lil' Wayne - Lights Off
Lil' Wayne - Lil' One  (feat. Baby)
Lil' Wayne - Look At Me
Lil' Wayne - Loud Pipes  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Baby, B.G., Juvenile)
Lil' Wayne - Lovely
Lil' Wayne - Not Like Me  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Baby, B.G.)
Lil' Wayne - Only Way  (feat. Baby)
Lil' Wayne - On My Own
Lil' Wayne - On The Grind
Lil' Wayne - Realized
Lil' Wayne - Real Talk
Lil' Wayne - Remember Me
  (feat. B.G)
Lil' Wayne - Respect Us  (feat. Juvenile)
Lil' Wayne - Shine  (feat. Juvenile, B.G., Turk, Mannie Fresh)
Lil' Wayne - Shine (remix)  (feat. Mack 10, Big Tymers, Mikkey)
Lil' Wayne - Snitch
Lil' Wayne - Tha Block Is Hot
Lil' Wayne - Tha Blues
Lil' Wayne - This Is The Carter  (feat. Mannie Fresh)
Lil' Wayne - Undisputed  (feat. Big Tymers, Lac, Stone)
Lil' Wayne - Up To Me
Lil' Wayne - Watcha Wanna Do
Lil' Wayne - Way of Life  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Baby, TQ)
Lil' Wayne - We Don't  (feat. Baby)
Lil' Wayne - What Does Life Mean To Me?  (feat. Big Tymers, TQ)
Lil' Wayne - Where You At
Lil' Wayne - Wish You Would
Lil' Wayne - Worry Me
Lil' Wayne - Young'n Blues

Lil' Wayne - Young Playa
Lil' Wayne - You Want War  (feat. Turk)

Mac - Can't Receive Me
Mac - Cleo
Mac - Disco Jam
Mac - Groove Mellow
Mac - I Need Wheels
Mac - Lil' Mac Be Clubbin'
Mac - Lyrical Midget
Mac - The Mind
Mac - You Gets Nothing
Mac - Young and Embarassed
Mac - Your Days Are Over

Mack 10 - Connected For Life  (feat. Ice Cube, W.C., Butch Cassidy)
Mack 10 - Dog About It  (feat. B.G.)
Mack 10 - Do The Damn Thing
Mack 10 - King Pin Dream
  (feat. Mikkey, Baby)
Mack 10 - Let the Thugs in the Club  (feat. Lil' Wayne, B.G.)
Mack 10 - Mathmatics
Mack 10 - Murder
(feat. Turk)
Mack 10 - No Dick At All  (feat. E-40)
Mack 10 - So Serious  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Baby)
Mack 10 - Tha Bitch Is Bad  (feat. Mannie Fresh)
Mack 10 - We Could Never Be Friends  (feat. Baby, Lac, Stone)

Mannie Fresh - Beautiful Bitch  (feat. Six Shot)
Mannie Fresh - Chubby Boy
Mannie Fresh - Conversation
Mannie Fresh - Day In The Life (Cadillac Doors)
Mannie Fresh - Fight Song
Mannie Fresh - Go With Me  (feat. Baby)
Mannie Fresh - How We Ride  (feat. Bun B, David Banner, Jasper)
Mannie Fresh - I Know You Ain't Happy
Mannie Fresh - Intro
Mannie Fresh - Lady Lady  (feat. Lil' Wayne)
Mannie Fresh - Mayor Song
Mannie Fresh - Nothing Compares To Love
Mannie Fresh - Not Tonight
Mannie Fresh - Pussy Power
Mannie Fresh - Real Big
Mannie Fresh - Shake That Ass  (feat. Lil' Mo, Tateeze, Reel)
Mannie Fresh - Tell It Like It Is
Mannie Fresh - The D.J.
Mannie Fresh - Wayne's Takeover  (feat. Lil' Wayne)
Mannie Fresh - Wayne's Takeover 2  (feat. Lil' Wayne)
Mannie Fresh - We Fresh  (feat. Lil' Wayne)

Mikkey - Everyday

Mil - Ride Out
  (feat. B.G., Lil' Wayne, Beanie Sigel)

Murphy Lee - Hold Up  (feat. Nelly)

NG - Thugged Out

Notorious B.I.G. - Hope You Niggas Sleep  (feat. Hot Boys, Big Tymers)

Petey Pablo - Blow Your Whistle
Petey Pablo - Did You Miss Me
  (feat. Baby, TQ)

Pimp C - Cheat On Yo' Man  (feat. Mannie Fresh, Suga)

Play-N-Skillz - Who Da Shit  (feat. Mannie Fresh)

Project Pat - Ballers  (feat. Juvenile, Big Tymers)
Project Pat - Choppers  (feat. Big Tymers)
Project Pat - Gold Shine  (feat. Three 6 Mafia, Big Tymers)

Rich Boy - D-Boyz  (feat. Mannie Fresh)

Rob Jackson - Move On  (feat. Mannie Fresh)

Servin Tha World Click - Servin' It Hot  (feat. Hot Boys, Big Tymers)

ShawT - I'm Da Man  (feat. Mannie Fresh)

Slim Thug - Diamonds (remix)  (feat. Young Jeezy, Slick Pulla, Killa)

Smoot - Do It Big  (feat. Mannie Fresh)

Stone & Lac - I Walk It  (feat. Gilly)

Suga Free - So Fly (remix)  (feat. Snoop Dogg)

Tank - Party Like A Thug  (feat. Baby)

T.I. - Big Shit Poppin'
T.I. - Da Dopeman

T.I. - Front Back  (feat. UGK)
T.I. - The Greatest  (feat. Mannie Fresh)
T.I. - Top Back

Toni Braxton - Give It Back  (feat. Big Tymers)

TQ - Angela Jones
TQ - Angela Jones (original)

TQ - Fly Girl  (feat. Mannie Fresh)
TQ - Get By
TQ - Until

Trina - Da Club  (feat. Mannie Fresh)
Trina - Don't Trip  (feat. Lil' Wayne)

Turk - All Night
Turk - At The Same Time
Turk - Baller Blockin
  (feat. E-40, Juvenile, Baby)
Turk - Bout To Go Down
Turk - Freak Da Hoes
  (feat. Mannie Fresh)
Turk - Growing Up  (feat. Mikkey, Christina)
Turk - Hallways and Cuts  (feat. B.G., Mikkey)
Turk - It's In Me
Turk - One Saturday Night
  (feat. Mannie Fresh)
Turk - Project  (feat. Hakim)
Turk - Soldierette
Turk - Trife Livin
Turk - Untamed Guerrilla
Turk - Uptown
Turk - What Would You Do
Turk - Wanna Be Down
  (feat. Baby, Lac, Hakim)
Turk - Yes We Do  (feat. Mack 10, Lil' Wayne, B.G.)

YoungBloodz - What Da Biz  (feat. Mannie Fresh)

Young Jeezy - And Then What  (feat. Mannie Fresh)

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Re: C.V. - Mannie Fresh (productions) (NEW!; ADD)
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Chamillionare - Grind Like Us (f/Lil Wayne & Mannie Fresh)


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Re: C.V. - Mannie Fresh (productions) (NEW!; ADD)
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That new Lil Flip joint.

$do11a biLL$

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Re: C.V. - Mannie Fresh (productions) (NEW!; ADD)
« Reply #3 on: October 10, 2005, 11:28:28 PM »
That new Lil Flip joint.

Lil Flip Ft. Mannie Fresh - What It Do


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Re: C.V. - Mannie Fresh (productions)
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Bun B- I'm Fresh (Featuring Mannie Fresh)
Bun B- What I Represent (UGK)

YoungBloodZ- What Da Biz (Featuring Mannie Fresh)
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Re: C.V. - Mannie Fresh (productions)
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Trina ft. Mannie Fresh - Da Club
Bun B - I'm Fresh (Feat. Mannie Fresh)
Bun B - What I Represent (UGK)
play-n-skillz feat. mannie fresh-who da shit
david banner feat. mannie fresh-two in ya body
Freeway feat.. Juvenile & Mannie Fresh-Now Ya Know
kiotti feat mannie fresh-fresh
slim thug-diamonds remix feat jeezy slick killa
TQ & Mannie Fresh - Fly Girl


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Re: C.V. - Mannie Fresh (productions)
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Boo Rossini feat Mannie Fresh - How Its Done


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Re: C.V. - Mannie Fresh (productions)
« Reply #7 on: April 03, 2006, 04:23:20 AM »
Shouldn't that MAC album from 1989 which was produced by Fresh and The Ninja Crew also be added?
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Re: C.V. - Mannie Fresh (productions)
« Reply #8 on: April 03, 2006, 04:27:45 AM »
Shouldn't that MAC album from 1989 which was produced by Fresh and The Ninja Crew also be added?

hook it up if you have it!


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Re: C.V. - Mannie Fresh (productions)
« Reply #9 on: April 03, 2006, 06:50:33 AM »
Shouldn't that MAC album from 1989 which was produced by Fresh and The Ninja Crew also be added?

hook it up if you have it!
ive hooked it up already :P


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Re: C.V. - Mannie Fresh (productions)
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MAC - The Lyrical Midget
01.I Need Wheels
02.Young And Embarassed
03.You Gets Nothing
05.The Mind
06.Groove Mellow
07.Lyrical Midget
08.Your Days Are Over
09.Cant Recieve Me
10.Disco Jam
11.Lil Mac be Clubbin

SC:When did you start out rapping?
MAC:'84. I was 7 years old when I wrote my first rap. Then in '89, the Ninja Crew (Mannie Fresh, Sporty T, Gregory D) put me on the spot and I released an album under the name the Lyrical Midget.


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Re: C.V. - Mannie Fresh (productions)
« Reply #11 on: April 03, 2006, 11:36:59 AM »
Shouldn't that MAC album from 1989 which was produced by Fresh and The Ninja Crew also be added?

hook it up if you have it!
ive hooked it up already :P
That's the reason I  asked.
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Re: C.V. - Mannie Fresh (productions)
« Reply #12 on: May 25, 2006, 11:22:53 AM »
Cradle 2 The Grave
Won't Be Coming Back by Baby


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Re: C.V. - Mannie Fresh (productions)
« Reply #13 on: January 25, 2007, 01:35:40 PM »
Rich Boy feat. Mannie Fresh - D-Boyz