Author Topic: We Don't Give A .... by Clint Dogg & A-Dubb is at #4 on CHARTS!.  (Read 124 times)


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Yep, you saw it right, the song We Don't Give A .... by Clint Dogg & A-Dubb is at NUMBER 4 on CHARTS!.

Its not just the "Rap and HipHop" charts, its the ALL MUSIC CHARTS, ALL GENRES etc etc etc.

The song is ahead of other rap artists such as The Game's song 300 Bars and Runnin'.

Other C-Style Records and Clint Dogg tracks are in the top 20 in the "Rap and HipHop" charts. Make sure you check this over the next few days, and with your support by clicking and downloading these tracks, you could make them rise or fall.

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Keep it coming, keep the good music coming!.

C-Style Records!.

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