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Boss'n Up Coming December 6th
« on: October 27, 2005, 08:38:06 AM »

Inspired by the music of Rythm & Gangsta, the Snoopadelic Film "Boss'n Up" stars Snoop Dogg and an all star cast and features never-before-released original music.

Stuck as a dead-end grocery clerk, Corde Christopher (Snoop Dogg) is broke and frustrated; but Corde has a supreme ability to persuade the opposite sex. He realizes his calling when a veteran of the pimp game, Orange Juice (Hawthorne James), pays an unexpected visit and shows Corde how to generate serious cash off of his untapped talent. When the girl of his dreams, Chardonnay Allen (Shillae Anderson), walks into his life, Corde embarks upon a fantastic and dangerous lifestyle of prostitution, money, and murder. The heat on the streets skyrockets as Corde amasses wealth and women; jealous hustlers watch his every move...and Corde must choose between the downward spiral of the fastlife and the self-realization of whether he is a pimp or a man.