Author Topic: We Americans live for happiness, then why aren't we happy?  (Read 334 times)


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Re: We Americans live for happiness, then why aren't we happy?
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-First of all you were way off topic, you didn't answer my question. My post was asking the question, with American's making happiness there goal in life, how come they aren't happy?

-Second of all, "religion" comes from the Arabic word "deen" which means, "way of life". What you live for is what you worship. My way of life used to be hip-hop at one time. It was all I thought about from morning to evening, and if anyone said anything bad about hip-hop then I had a problem with them. It dictated most of the way I dressed, thought, acted, etc. So that was like my religion. At another time, I used to live to get back with my x-girlfriend, that was my religion, I wanted to do whatever would please her. Some people live for their country, man drew boundaries in the Earth and some people will live and die for what they've been told is "their land" and their leader.In this context, everyone has a religion, because everyone has a way of life, religion = way of life.[/i] Some people skateboard all day, hang out with skaters, and they'll fight you if you try to say something about skaters or mess with one of their skater friends, that's their way of life, ya feel me?

-Under the context I have written about in the second point, your whole argument makes no sense. If you want to rephrase it and talk about specifics and examples then we can, but please understand, everybody has a way of life.

.......I'm not threatened by your comments because I used to think like you did. I'm white, American, I was raised Christian, I didn't even know a Muslim till after I graduated highschool a few years ago. I never could accepted Christianity, and I used to think like you did, but that's because I was young and didn't really know what was out there, and I accepted what little knowledge I had encountered in my brief, life's history as eternal, absolute truth.

I see what you're saying, but why I ranted is because the way you asked your original question was lame in the first place

asking why Americans search for love, why they take sleeping pills, etc.....  nobody has the answers to that.....

why do they search for love?  maybe cuz if you're in love you'll be happy or something, to each his own

why take sleeping pills?   uhh, maybe to go to sleep because all kinds of people have all kinds of problems.....

why don't I ask you why you're so weird for being Allah's Slave?   because I don't care and it's not my problem and it's your shit to do

and I brought up religion and all because the people in the world tellin others what's wrong and what to do are religious weirdos, who in doing that, drag religion into the mix

I was mad because you seemed to be telling others what was wrong, so I thought that  I  would give an opinion of those people and things who telling others what is wrong and right



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Re: We Americans live for happiness, then why aren't we happy?
« Reply #26 on: November 01, 2005, 10:59:24 PM »
I wanna see ur response to Dat Nigga Ted


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Re: We Americans live for happiness, then why aren't we happy?
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I already did, look on page 1

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Re: We Americans live for happiness, then why aren't we happy?
« Reply #28 on: November 02, 2005, 07:03:58 PM »
Why are you talking about americans like you know everyone of them. You've said yourself your not a teacher, yet everyday it seems like your trying to teach us what is wrong with American society and what is perfect about Allah. This is the exactly the kind of descrimination Americans get accused of practicing, and yet you are doing it right now. Answer me this. Does Allah or your culture in general preach anything abou tolerance. Because in the past couple days all I've been hearing from you is about how American culture is wrong. What makes yours so perfect compared to ours. You act like you guys have a perfect society and arn't waiging wars, commiting crimes, are doing anything wrong. And that if we turn to Allah all are problems can be solved. We'll obviuosly that's not the case or they're wouldn't be so much suffering of the people that fallow him. I'm not saying American culture is better then yours, I'm just saying you can't simply judge ours just cause you think yours is right. Americans do that all the time, I know that, but that dosn't give you the right to do the same thing.
Why did u ignore this post infinite, because you were Pn3ed, or however you spell owned in cyber language..HAHA! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

STill have not addressed this!! LOL!

No disrespect, but your post is more of a statement than a question that illicits a response.  Besides that, you were all over the place, if you want to bring your statement more into focus then maybe I can respond, but as it stands now, I wouldn't know where to begin.
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