Author Topic: Psychological Analysis Of The Neo-Conservatives Crimes Against Humanity  (Read 93 times)

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America is becoming an immigrant country.  And most of the youth culture has been dictated by African Americans for over a decade now.  And throughout the world, the population increase of non-whites is multiplying at a much higher rate then that of whites. 

The so-called "greatest generation", that World War 2 generation, have long seen their way of life as being threatened.  And especially now, for atleast a decade and maybe much longer, they have been experiencing a cultural transition.  Old certainties and views begin to break down and evolve into new traditions, causing anxiety in the short run.  At the same time that some people are waking up and sustaining an innner connection of love that sustains them and allows them to evolve more rapidly, others feel as though everything is changing too fast and that we're losing our way.  They become more fearful and more controlling to try to raise their energy. 

This polarization of fear can be very dangerous because fearful peole can rationalize extreme measures.[/i] (Extreme measures such as the dropping of the two atomic bombs on Japan back then and today the mass murders of 100's of thousands of people in Afganistan, Iraq, and military involvement in 100 countries around the world)   

They feel their way of life is falling apart, whether this assumption is real or not, who knows, but because of this they don't feel safe unless they continue to sieze more control.

...^^^some of these thoughts and more are contained in James Redfields book "The Tenth Insight" which I recommend to anyone. 
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america has always been an immigrant country since it started your a bit late on that one

iraq would just get annexed by iran

That would be a great solution.  If Iran and the majority of Iraqi's are pleased with it, then why shouldn't they do it?

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america has always been an immigrant country since it started your a bit late on that one

Thank you. Infinite, you are a sorry sack of shit, I sincerely hope real Muslims dont use the same tactics you use when trying to educate us. For such a peaceful religion, all I hear you preach about is the negativity in the world and how it doesn't reach Allah. you are making the oldest mistake known to man. Talking about negativity brings negativity, whether you think you are immune to it by being in Gods graces or not. Maybe thats why Muslims keep killing and killing, they think they can't be touched, even though if they looked around, their life is shit, its a shame. Christians figured it out centuries ago, I'll give em that, now you need tog et with the program. I know its not "PC" to criticize muslims but there needs to be more reprocussions and awareness for these ignorant ass camel jockeys who beat their wife and live in squalor because they thnk they're above it in the long wrong. they are wrong, as you are Infinite. I hope one day you are actually awakended to the fact that we only have one life to live, and eternal paradise isnt an excuse to fuck up where we live today.

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OMG you went one second without mentioning Allah! :o Are you okay.
It seems to me like America is fighting in a country that is full of Islams and for that you want to hate on Americans.
You just need to chill and accept the fact that not everyone is gonna or neccesarily should agree with your point of views.