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DaDa - My Eyes Won't Lie to You
« on: November 07, 2005, 09:19:25 PM »
lol Yall gotta check out this fool's myspace page.  Be sure to read the blog that says "if usher let it burn ... this must be a mother fucken inferno."  I'm gonna drop you a few of his quotes just so you know what you're getting into. ;D

"after studying romance i came to realize that if a girl ever gave me her heart id make shakespeare look like lil romeo... because i aint that guy that is going to try to slide in your pants... because i ll be that guy that gets your mind to orgasm before your pussy got a chance to get wet.... incase you aint read that right or aint believe i said it let me say it again yea ... i ll be that guy that gets your mind to orgasm before your pussy got a chance to get wet..."  That one had me in tears :'(

"When I was younger I used to get into so many fights just trying to play basketball because I was asian and they just assume they better then you or you can't play and when they were like oh look at this lil chink trying to ball I would just beat the shit out of them and it got to the point where people remembered me and was like yo don't fuck with him that nigga will fuck you up. Rather they believe it or not or wanted to test me it happened time after time. Fuck that I am a motherfucken soldier of the streets been fighting all my life. One day I just realized I can't fight ignorance with my fist anymore. This one day this kid was like "haha look Jackie Chan tyring to play basketball now". Back in the days I would have laid his bitch ass out with one punch to the dome."

"Its so fucken hard when you found that person where you can be yourself and be comfortable and not scared of being embarassed or scared of being hurt. what the fuck do I do now. I already thought about my kids names and having them born in the clouds on a plane like I was. And those will be my angels. what the fuck do I do now. I had the world in my palm now it's all stripped away from me. what the fuck do I do now Me and boys have this company right now but so what I would give it all up to have my life the way it was. what the fuck do I do now Man if she never lied to me and I could learn to trust a girl again maybe it will be alright. what the fuck do I do now Atleast she was kind enough put my heart back where she found it back under her feet were all my other ex's left it broken and beneath the ground. what the fuck do I do now"

It's straight classic when this fool tries to say he could care less but instead he's like "I could careless" and then this fool was in a chase on the freeway and ran up on the "medium."

Here's a link to his page
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