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^^^^^who the fuck is that ugly retard girl throwin up the dub between daz and kurupt?


Khool-aid's passion and love is radio. She always wanted a career in radio, in fact, it was her only dream and it was inspired by Power 106.

Khool-aid wants to touch lives of listeners. She loves it when a listener tells her that something she shared resignated in their lives. Khool-Aid 's mother is a frequent guest on her show. Khool-aid attributes her positive energy to her mother's daily support. Khool-aids family is very important to her. She considers her daily listeners, her extended family.
Khool-Aid loves to surround herself with listeners . She doesn't consider them fans,"They are part of the Power 106 family and the hip-hop community." Khool-aid added, "The reason listeners are so important to my show is because the they give me daily inspiration and exciting things to share with the hip-hop community. "If I don't get out, I would lose touch. If you lose touch, you miss out on great stories and events that you could share on-air."

Khool-Aid 's daily focus is to be a driving force in the evolution of the Latin Hip-Hop scene with her syndicated show "Pocos Pero Locos." You can check out Khool-aid, middays from 10am-3pm.

oh i c...well i'm not from L.A....and shes still an ugly retard throwin up the dub....

i agree..The guy that does the morning show used to say how  fine she is and has big titties but the bitch is an ugly Jew (no disrespect to the jews :-*)

not only that but she's a part of this mexican rap movement and she's a jew :eh: :o