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CREDITS: More Music From 8 Mile
« on: November 17, 2005, 10:35:10 AM »
More Music From "8 Mile"
Shady Records

1.Mobb Deep-Shook Ones Pt. II
(Albert Johnson,Kejuan Mochita)
Published by Bmg Songs, Inc. (ASCAP)/BMG Music Publishing. Inc. (BMI)/Juvenile Hell Publishing (ASCAP)/ P.Noid Publishin (BMI)
1995 BNG Music

2.The Notorious B.I.G.-Juicy
(James Mtume,Sean "P Diddy" Combs,The Notorious B.I.G.,Jean Claude Olivier)
Published by Mtume Music, Jumping Bean Songs LLC,Twelve & Under Music (BMI), Big Poppa Music, Justin Combs Publisjing and EMI April Music Inc (ASCAP)
1994 Bad Boy Records, Inc.
*Contains elements from "Juicy Fruit", Performed by Mtume

3.MC Breed ft. 2Pac-Gotta Get Mine
(Eric Breed)
Published by Power Artist Music Co. c/o Koke Moke and Moke Music (BMI)
1993 DM Records, Inc. d/b/a Ichiban Records, Inc.

4.Naughty By Nature-Feel Me Flow
(Vincent Brown, Anthony Chris, Keir Gist, Joseph Modeliste, Arthur Neville, Cyrill Neville, Leo Nocentelli and George Porter)
Published by WB Music Corp. o/b/o itself and Naughty Music (ASCAP), Bug Music, Inc. o/b/o itself and Bugaloo Music (BMI) and Cabbage Alley Music (BMI)
1995 Tommy Boy Music

5.Outkast-Player's Ball
(Andre Benjamin, Antwan Patton, Patrick Brown, Raymon Murray, Rico Wado)
Published by Chrystalis Music/Gnat Booty Music (ASCAP) and Hitco Music/Organized Noize Music,conducted by Songs Of Windswept Pacific (BMI) Music (ASCAP), Bug Music, Inc. o/b/o itself and Bugaloo
BMG Special Products, Inc.

6.Junior M.A.F.I.A.-Get Money
(Roy Ayers, Sylvia Striplin, James Bedford, The Notorious B.I.G. and Kimberly Jones)
Published by EMI April Music, Inc./Big Popa Music/Justin Combs Publishing (ASCAP) & Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. o/b/o Undeas Music (BMI) Chrysalis Music/AFI Music (ASCAP) & Skillet Music (ASCAP)
1995 Big Beat Records, Inc.
*Contains elements of "You Can't Turn Me Away", Performed by Sylvia Striplin

7.Mary J. Blige & Method Man-You're All I Need
(Nicolas Ashford, Valerie Simpson, Clifford Smith and Robert F. Diggs Jr.)
Published by Careers-BMG Music Publishing, Inc. (BMI)/Wu-Tang Publishing (BMI)/Ramecca Publishing (BMI)/ Jobete Music Co., Inc. (ASCAP)
1995 The Island Def Jam Music Group
*Contains elements from "As Long As I'Ve Got You", Performed by Charmels

8.Ol' Dirty Bastard-Shimmy Shimmy Ya
(Robert F. Diggs Jr. and Russel Jones)
Published by Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp. o/b/o itself and Wu-Tamg Publishing (BMI), Careers-BMG Music Publishing, Inc. (BMI)/Ramecca Publishing (BMI)
1995 Elektra Entertainment Group

9.Method Man-Bring Da Pain
(Robert F. Diggs Jr. and Clifford Smith)
Published by Carreers-BMG Music Publishing, Inc. (BMI)/Wu-Tang Publishing (BMI)/Ramecca Publishing (BMI)
1994 The Island Def Jam Music Group

10.Wu Tang Clan-C.R.E.A.M.
(Dennis Coles, Robert Diggs Jr., Gary Grice, Lamont Hawkins, Jason Hunter, Russel Jones, David Porter, Isaak Hayes, Clifford Smith and Corey Woods)
Published by BMG Songs, Inc. (ASCAP)/Careers-BMG Music Publishing, Inc. (BMI)/Wu-Tang Publishing (BMI), Irving Music, Inc. (BMI)
1993 BMG Music

(Romye Robinson, Derrick Lemel Stewart, Emandu Imani Rashaan Wilcox, James Yancey, Luiz Bonfa, Maria Toledo and Trevant Jermaine Hardson)
Published by EMI Blaclwood Music, Inc., Universal PolyGram Int. Publ., In./E.P.H.C.Y. Publ. (ASCAP), Sasqua Music (BMI)
1995 Delicious Vinyl, LLC
*Contains elements from "Saudade Vem Correndo", Performed by Stan Getz & Luiz Bonfa

12.Mobb Deep-Survival Of The Fittest
(Albert Johnson and Kejuan Muchita)
Published by Carrers-BNG Music Pub. (BMI)/BMG Songs Inc. obo Juvenile Hell Pub./P. Noid Publishing (ASCAP)
1995 BMG Music

I saw those credits requested so i posted them.These are my 1st credits that I post.
I don't really know why there aren't  any production credits,as I coppied it all from the booklet
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