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CREDITS: The Source Presents: Hip Hop Hits, Vol. 3
« on: November 23, 2005, 08:10:18 PM »
The Source Presents: Hip Hop Hits, Vol. 3- Compilation (1999)

Holla Holla (Ja Rule)
Produced by: Tal and Irv Gotti

Quiet Storm (Mobb Deep)
Contains samples from "White Lines" by The Sugar Hill Gang, Produced by: Havoc

Hate Me Now (Featuring Puff Daddy) (Nas)
Produced by: Pretty Boy & D. Moet and Trackmasters

Tommy's Theme (Featuring The Lox) (Made Men)
Produced by: Hangmen 3
Watch Out Now (The Beatnuts)
Contains elements from "Hi-Jack" by F. Arbex, Produced by: Pscho Les

HA (Remix)(Featuring Jay-Z) (Juvenile)
Produced by: Mannie Fresh
Watch Out For The Hook (Dungeon Family Mix)(Featuring Outkast, Goodie Mob) (Cool Breeze)
Contains replayed elements from "Southern Man" by N. Young, Produced by: Organized Noize

Slippin' (Edited) (DMX)
Contains samples from "Moonstream" by Grover Washington Jr., Produced by: DJ SHOK

Hard Knock Life (Jay-Z)
Contains a sample from "It's A Hard Knock Life" by The Original Broadway Case of Annie, Produced by: Mark 45 King

Guilty Conscience (Featuring Dr. Dre) (Eminem)
Contains an interpolation from "Go Home Pigs" from the movie "Getting Straight", Produced by: Dr. Dre and Eminem

Tear It Off (Method Man and Redman)
Contains samples from "Funkin Lesson" by X Clan, "Give Up The Funk (Tear The Roof Off The Sucker)" by Parliament, Produced by: Erik Sermon

Who Dat (Featuring Solé) (JT Money)
Produced by: Chris "Tricky" Stewart

Nann Nigga (Featuring Trina) (Trick Daddy)
Produced by: Righteous Funk Boogie

Simon Says (Pharoahe Monch)
Produced by: Pharoahe Monch

What You Want (Featuring Eve And Nokio) (Ruff Ryders)
Produced by: Swizz Beatz

Jamboree (Featuring Zhane) (Naughty By Nature)
Contains elements from "I'm Always Dancin To The Music" by Benny Gloson, Produced by: Naughty By Nature

Hoody Hooo (Featuring Master P) (Tru)
Produced by: KLC and Shantel
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