Author Topic: CREDITS: KRS-One Presents - Peedo & The Luna Empire  (Read 436 times)


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CREDITS: KRS-One Presents - Peedo & The Luna Empire
« on: November 26, 2005, 06:23:24 AM »

1)KRS ONE Intro

2)For The Money (Prod. By Gato)

3)La Ciudad RMX Feat KRS ONE (Prod. Gato)

4)I Told You (Prod. Gato)

5)Musical Television (Prod. By Bambino)

6)Brand New World (Prod. By Bambino)

7)Animal (Prod. Gato)

8)Passion (Prod. Bambino)

9)Friends Or Foes '04 (Prod. Bambino)

10)Loyalty - James Feat D Cell (Prod. Raw B)

11)Hard Hitta (Prod. Cez)

12)Wild Cowboys (Prod. Gato)

13)Washington Heights - MR Bananos Feat KRS ONE (Prod. Gato)

14)Street Warz - Dunna Feat Peedo (Prod. Cez)

15)Run Freestyle

16)Use A Bridge - Feat Willie Stubz (Prod. By Gato)

17)Black Energy - feat James & D Cell (Prod. Bambino & James)

18)Impossible - Feat Mr Bananos (Prod. Bambino)

19)Smooth - Feat Tiffany Miranda (Prod. Bambino)

20)How Bad Do You Want it (Extend Version) - KRS ONE Feat. Peedo (Prod. by Gato)

21)Deserve - Feat James (Prod. Bambino)

22)Peedo - Fat Joe Speaks

23)Family Tree - Big Pun Feat Peedo (Prod. Gato)

24)We'll Survive (Prod. Raw B)

25)Rap History - Afrika Bambaataa (Prod. By Gato)

26)KRS ONE Ending
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Re: CREDITS: KRS-One Presents - Peedo & The Luna Empire
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Cool. Welcome to the forum.  8)