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2 versions of "Curtain Call"
« on: December 05, 2005, 09:00:38 AM »
Guess their juicing every penny from fans with this huh? They're actually gonna put out another version of the collection with a bonus CD entitles "Stan's Mixtape".

Stan's mixtape ain't some bullshit though, it's actually all solid material IMO. Too bad it's too short, put more songs like the ones on it on there and you would've had a much better Eminem hits collection.

Stan's Mixtape tracklist:

1.Dead Wrong RMX (/w Biggie)
2. Role Model
3. Kill You
4. Shit on You (D-12)
5. Criminal
6. Renegade (Must be the Jay-Z version, though a "Stan" would get some kicks out of the version with Royce)
7. Just Don't Give a Fuck

It's a solid start, but I would've made the collection out of more tracks like these, not only the singles.

Amazon for the tracklist

Obviously nothing rare on there though.
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