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[Full Length Review] Bun-B - Trill
« on: December 06, 2005, 07:58:38 AM »
After putting in more guest appearances than Nate Dogg, Bunís solo album has finally arrived and you got to respect the time of itís arrival. With Houston buzzing (not just H-Town either, all around the US the South is starting to get noticed), fresh of the success of locals Paul Wall & Mike Jones.
What better time to release one of the most anticipated albums in the cityís history.

Bun didnít have any trouble returning old favors either calling upon legends, Jay-Z and Scarface to appear on tracks. Trill also features appearances from many Houston artists.
And I doubt itís for the money, this line from Houstonís own Lil Flip shows just how much respect everybody has for Bun

ďI told Bun when you need a verse just holla
You know how we do it you ainít gotta spend no dollarsĒ

One of the very first songs, features an all-star cast of Hova, Pimp C, Jeezy & Z-Ro, with the constant Jeezy adlibs throughout the track (which surprisingly arenít that annoying this time around) sets the tone for a great album. Jay spits another dope verse (he just keep poppin up, donít he) the amazing thing is Bun is never shown up on any of the tracks. He always manages to hold his own even when heís rapping with the best of the best.
Donít think that Bunís forgotten about his incarcerated boy Pimp C though, he features on two tracks. The extensive history of UGK is told on ĎThe Storyí which will bring first time Bun listeners up to speed on the happeningís of Bun and Pimp and also show listeners the true lyricism of Bun. What I Represent (UGK) is a great insight into what Bun is really about and features a couple shout outs to Pimp along the way.
However there are a few blemishes on the album with tracks like Git It in which the Ying Yang Twins offer a helping hand. I ainít care what anyone says this isnít a Bun track and would definitely have been more at home on a Ying Ying Twins album, fortunately this is the only track that really feels out of place on the album.

Long time Bun listeners may be disappointed with the lack of ĎUGK type tracksí and the album not having a totally Houston sound. But when an album of this magnitude finally gets released thereís bound to be disappointment from some people.
Trill isnít the album everyone would have expected, but Bun makes it known that the Underground Kingz are back and with Pimp coming out in December you already know thereís a classic around the corner.

Score: 8/10

Standout Tracks: Draped Up, Get Throwed, What I Represent, Pushin, The Story

Weaker Tracks: Git It, Bun, Late Night Creepin


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Re: [Full Length Review] Bun-B - Trill
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2006, 01:40:46 AM »
liked the beats, loved bun-bs flows... hated most the guest appearnece. ruined ht elabum in my opinon