Author Topic: Juvenile says he wants to "Punch Baby in the mouth" and has words for 50 too  (Read 350 times)

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After years of label woes with Cash Money Records, Juvenile is finally readying his Atlantic debut, Reality Check. In this exclusive, Juvey answers 50 Cent's Hurricane Katrina comments and vents on Baby.

Though he hasn't been in New Orleans since Katrina hit last summer, Juvenile has experienced the tragedy first hand. The gravely-voiced rapper lost his recently built house in the flood. That's probably why he has a hard time listening to outsiders weigh in on the crisis.

While many, including Kanye West have bashed the government's relief efforts, Juvey was shocked upon learning that 50 referred to Katrina as an "act of God" and said officials "responded to it the best way they can."

"I ain't know 50 said that," Juvey told in disbelief. "If he believe they did the best they could, you wrong like a motherfucka. You got it twisted homie. You make it bad for yourself man. You'll lose all records sales down here with that stuff. I ain't know that's what he said. People from New Orleans don't know that.

"I mean the tsunami was an act of God," he added. "The way they reacted towards that...I'm looking at them spend maybe five to six billions of dollars every month on a war that ain't even ours over somebody else's oil. You're telling me that you can't fund [a] part of your country with the right amount of money to take care of these people. New Orleans ain't even a big city so how could you have that problem. I heard that the families [of 9/11] got funded. And that ain't even a whole city. That's really one building that had two branches. It's [New Orleans] a whole city, so you're telling me they did the best they could?"

Tragedies usually bring people together, but Katrina hasn't done much for reuniting The Hot Boys. With Turk in prison, and B.G. and Juvenile both taking shots at their former label, a reunion isn't likely.

"A tragedy won't bring us together 'cause feelings won't change," Juvey revealed to "I don't wanna be around Cash Money, affiliated with Cash Money or nothing. I wanna punch Baby in the mouth as of right now.

"I'm not about to lie to the public no more," he continued. "The reason my last album came out [on Cash Money] is only because I wanted to put UTP on the map. I wanted UTP to be together cause that's a good opportunity to be able to come to another company if you're worth something. 'Nolia Clap' and 'Slow Motion' did that. Cash Money didn't have anything to do with neither of those songs."

Juvenile's Reality Check, featuring Ludacris, Fat Joe, R. Kelly, Brian McKnight, Mannie Fresh, Scott Storch, Lil Jon and Jazze Pha is scheduled to hit stores in February 2006.

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oh shit i thought the headline was punch A baby in the mouth, haha