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CREDITS: Tony Touch - The Last Of The Pro Ricans
« on: December 18, 2005, 02:30:43 PM »

1. G'z UP  (Ft. Doo Wop)
Produced By Tony Touch
2. Best Behavior  (Ft. Wildlife,Big Punisher,Fat Joe)
Produced by Amed

3. Hold Up  (Ft. Onyx,Havoc)
Produced by Havoc

4. Stick Up  (Ft. Afu-Ra,Big Daddy Kane)
Produced by Curt Cazal

5. Capicu  (Ft. Fat Joe,Noreaga,JuJu)
Produced by JuJu

6. Prendelo  (Ft. The Beatnuts)
Produced by The Beatnuts

7. Gotcha Back  (Ft. Rise And Shine)
Produced by DJ Premier

8. What Cha Know  (Ft. Nature)
Produced by Megahertz

9. J.O.S.E.  (Ft. Fat Joe)
Produced by Psycho Les

10. You Know It's Like That  (Ft. Single Minded Pros,Pacewon)
Produced by DJ Rude

11. That's Bless  (Ft. Wildlife,A. Bless)
Produced by Showbiz

12. Introspective  (Ft. Cormega)
Produced by Emile
13. Suicide Bomb  (Ft. Non Phixion,The Beatnuts)
Produced by JuJu

14. Natural  (Ft. Gangstarr) 
Produced by DJ Premier