interview Spider Loc - Bangadoshish (G-Unit West Edition) | Review By: Shaun

Release Date : January 2006
Rating: 4/5


I have to say; before I listened to this album I didn’t really know too much about Spider Loc. Other than a couple of joints with Kurupt when they were both still on Tha Row, the only thing I had ever really heard about him was the beat-down he supposedly layed on Bad Azz. That, and the stuff Bad Azz and Daz did when they were spittin’ about he, the so-called “Web Slinger,” and Kurupt after that now infamous Las Vegas night-club incident is about it.

Then, after I told Rud (owner of DUBCNN) what I thought about the album he was like, “Damn, peoples gon’ trip.” Apparently, Spider Loc ain’t liked by most heads or a lot of emcees out West.

I say f-ck that! Whatever his beef is with Game, Bad Azz or whomever, it ain’t got nothin’ to do wit’ nobody except them. That said, this mix-tape is nothing less than a straight-up dis-tape all about Game.

The thing about dis-tapes is, all they wanna do is run their mouths about other artists we probably all listen to. Spider’s just following the blue-print that countless other emcees before him have laid down, including Tha Row and more recently, his new boss 50 Cent. That is, find somebody in the game that’s got a rep and attack, attack, attack. Controversy sells and they all know that.

That’s what makes me question half the beefs that go on in the hip-hop world. Friends become enemies, then, after talkin’ a gang of sh-t (see: 50 vs. everybody, Jigga vs. Nas and their proposed pay-per-f-cking-view battle), they do a make up album (see: Das vs. Kurupt).

Anyway, that’s my word on that. Now; on to the album content.

First off, there isn’t a wack beat on this album. That being said, a lot of the beats are from previously released material, which is not out of the ordinary for a mix-tape.

The intro is a straight-up trip! It’s a bunch of Game lyrics cut up to sound like he’s talkin’ ‘bout gettin’ it doggy-style and all that. It’s some laugh out loud type sh-t.

Then you got “Bitch Boy,” which uses a bunch of Game’s beats with some tight lyrics just rippin’ him up.

50 then takes his turn on “I’m Not Rich and Still Lyin’.” As he says at the beginning:

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to thank you all for coming out tonight for the screening of my new film, “I’m Not Rich and Still Lyin’. This is 50 Cent staring as Game. It’s autobiographical, I hope you enjoy yourself.

“They be callin’ me crazy, I might be, just maybe
I’m gangsta, I’m crippin’, I’m trippin’
F-ck 50, f-ck Dre, f-ck NWA
Man, I’m Hurricane Game,
Em, this n---- changed
I brought the West back, I write the best raps
But what about Snoop?
Snoop’s sh-t ain’t all that
And I get bad b-tches now, I even fucked Mya
I f-cked her first Game
50, you a liar
See that’s why I hate you, you think you know me
I’m’a tell everybody, you shot my homie
I hope the police get you and you go to jail
The feds freeze your accounts and you can’t make bail
I hope everybody on G-Unit go to Hell
Wit’ Eminem, Obie, Stack Quo and D-12
So what I was on “Change Of Heart”
So what I was a stripper, so what I never bang
I’m from Compton, n----“

I don’t even know what to say about that aside from the fact that it’s hot. 50 mocks Game’s voice and it’s truly hilarious.

Unfortunately, that’s the only track 50 is on but damn, it’s a good one. Also, where are Mobb Deep and MOP? Maybe they’re sittin’ this beef out, which would be a good thing. Everybody knows what happens when this sh-t goes too far, people end up dead and the less people involved, the better.

The next track that stands out is “G-Unot Killa.” Spider rips Game on this one:

“You tryin’ to act like me, but not quite my kind
And you can f-ck my b-tch, but don’t bite my rhyme
It’s just my time, you can’t fight my shine
I talk bad about you and you like my lines
You sound like the type that be around this b-tch
I sound like a champ when he found his niche
When you do that weird shit you just lose your fans
And even worse make out of town, confuse the land
I know the West on my shoulders, so I brace my back
Quit tellin’ lies to yourself, loc, face the facts
I’m tryin’ to find new places, to place the plaques
And don’t do another record, why waste the wax?
You are not a (?), you are not a BG
You just love hip-hop and watched a lot of tv
You ask what’s on my mind
Don’t make me laugh
I heard your “300 Bars” and it made me mad
You did a lot of dis songs and ain’t say me yet
Must be having flashbacks from that day we met
You man still remember, yeah you ain’t forget
Tell me what the Loc is if he aint’ the sh-t”

The best joint with somebody else’s beat is “All Eyes On Us.” If I have to tell you whose beat that is then you shouldn’t even be readin’ this right now. You’r on the wrong website, homie.

Yes, Big Syke is on this 2006 version with a new, re-vamped flow (“And you betta lay low, city of the Angel, b-tch n----- get hog-tied and strangled. This Spider Loc and Big Syke in this m-thafucka, we off the block like Pac in this m-thafucka. It’s thug life, outlaw, what you thinkin’ n----? Krystal and Remy Martin’s what we drinkin’ n----. I live my life as a thug n----, till the day I die, live my life as a boss player, still gettin’ high.”) And yes, it is worthy of the original. I can see Pac noddin’ his head and throwin’ up the dub to it right now (“So many riddaz in the world n----, can’t nobody feel The Game”). And no, Spider ain’t Pac but who is? Big ups for getting’ Big Syke to bust on this, that was the only true way to re-do this classic. It could’ve been longer though, where you at on that next verse, Spider?

The joint “Comin’ Outta Compton,” featuring Lil’ Eazy is also of note. The beat is DOPE and the hook is a nice little Mobb Deep sample that works. Personally, I think it’s weak when people try to take another rapper’s name and put a “Lil’” at the front. If you real, then come up with your own moniker and quit bitin’ the legends even if he is your father, make your own mark. You know what I’m sayin’? If they give it to you it’s one thing, but don’t try to eat off someone else’s legacy.

The track “I Don’t Know” is another one of my favorites. The producer is Red Spyda, who has laced countless bangers including “Realest Killas” – real talented producer; keep that sh-t up man! Spider’s flows are nice on this one too. I gotta give it up to him, I like his style. He kinda sounds like a cross between 40 Glocc, Petey Pablo (without the sing-song stuff) and a young Scarface.

Other nice tracks include “Skitzo,” “Bitch N----- (part two of the track from Dre’s “2001”),” “Bang Bang (also a “2001” beat),” “Kill Kill Killa (another dope-ass Red Spyda beat),” “Gon Pay Me (Jigga)” and “When I Get Angry.”

The last track, “Blood Everywhere,” produced by Da Riffs, has an ill-ass blues riff that gets in your head and won’t quit. It should have been longer, though.

Finally, to Steve-O “The Gangsta” (of MTV’s “Jackass” and Wild Boyz” fame), who does the outro, stick to eatin’ sh-t and swallowing goldfish, wearin’ thongs and sellin’ them Sneaux shoes, dude. Nuff Said!

This album is a NICE comeback to all that sh-t Game’s been spittin’. Nothing on it tops “300 Bars,” though. I can’t wait to hear his next comeback. Remember though, keep it on wax, ya’ll. I know ya’ll want to be, but none of ya’ll are on the same level as Pac or B.I.G. and you’ll never get there if you take it from the studio to the street.


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