interview WARREN G - I Want It All | Review By: Incognito

1. Intro - Short skit about the evolution of G-Funk.

2. Gangsta Love - (featuring Kurupt, RBX & Nate Dogg) - "Call me/Dub, A/Double R, E/N be the N/Last letter be the G/G be for Griffen/Smiffen like Wesson/Niggas that be fessin/I'm crushin ya whole chest in." Warren hits us hard with this laid back, classic Warren G melody setting the mood for the whole album. His long time partner, Nate Dogg blows it up with his contributed harmonies. RBX also fits in well over the slow groove. 4/5

3. Why Oh Why - (featuring D.P.G.) - D-A-Z starts off with a dope verse. This is a song about the consequences of being a gangsta. Warren has a nice verse over one of his own beats. Kurupt's verse looses focus and tail spins into nothing. Overall, a good track. 4/5

4. Dollars Make Sense - (featuring Kurupt, Crucial Conflict & Reel Tight) - Nice, beat with a little retro feel to it. G-Dub starts things off with a dope, uncanny verse; rhymin at a fast pace. I love the hook by Reel Tight. Crucial Conflict add an extra spark to this joint. Kurupt only talks in the beginning. 4/5

5. I Want It All - (featuring Mack 10) - A great song period. Best beat on the album, with classic horns and steady piano keys. The hook done by Warren is very original too. This was the first single, with a tight Mack 10 appearance Probably the last dope verse of his life. 4.5/5

6. Havin' Thangs - (featuring Jermaine Dupri & Nate Dogg) - One of my favorites joints this album has to offer. I could care less of J.D., but this is still a great song. Nate Dogg really shines with his powerfull vocals, "Chase ya dough...nooooow/Don't sell ya soul...nooooow/Do whatcha feeeeeel, yeah/Keep It real." Warren provides a strong verse too. This was the third single that went unoticed.

7. You Never Know - (featuring Snoop Dogg, Phat Bossi & Reel Tight) - An inspiring song fueled mainly by the Reel Tight hook, haha. Another great G-Funk beat with longtime homie Snoop Dogg rappin by Warren's side. The raps are pretty straight forward, nothin great. People will probably like this song for it's beat and hook. Good enough for me. 4.5/5

8. My Momma (Ola Mae) - Soopafly handles the beat for this one so Warren can send a dedication to his who mother who had passed away. Not a song I play a lot, the chorus is repetitive so it's hard to like. 3/5

9. G-Spot - (featuring El DeBarge & Val "Lady V" Young) - Stands as one of the best songs on this album that features 2 incredible singers. They bring it proper with their parts. You couldn't ask for more. The nice, slow beat fits the hook and Warren's cool, relaxing flow for the ladies. "She use to tell me that she loved me/All the time/I turn to her/And say that I'm/Infatuated/Concentrated on cuttin it up/Body bustin out yo blouse don't button it up." 4.5/5

10. We Got That - (featuring Eve, Drag-On & Shadow) - This is were the album slips a bit. The track seems very much out of place with the Ruff Ryder camp hookin up with Warren G. I think this was to sell records though. Warren did not lace this beat, and again, it doesn't fit the flow of the album. 3/5

11. Dope Beat - A very smooth, classic G-Funk feel. G-Dub comes with the simple rhymes about his come up from 213 up intil now. Only song here with Warren spittin all verses, doing the hook and producing the beat. 3.5/5

12. World Wide Riders - (featuring Neb Love & K-Bar) - Two members of The 5 Footaz use this mellowed out beat to just expose themselves to the rap world. It's really their song, Warren G just lets them do their own thang. Nothing special from them. 3.5/5

13. Game Don't Wait - (featuring Snoop Dogg & Nate Dogg) - This is the original version recorded in early '98. I definitely prefer the Dr. Dre remix. This version has a weak beat, and verse from both Snoop & Warren. Nate gets boring with his deep chorus that plays over and over in your head. 3.5/5

14. If We Give You A Chance - (featuring Slick Rick, Phat Bossi & Val "Lady V" Young) - Two O.G.'s Slick Rick and Warren G blend pefectly together along with more pleasant vocals from Val Young. A great song about the two hittin up the streets of NYC in the late night. Another beat that is meant to just relax your mind and let your conscious be free. 4.5/5

15. I Want It All Remix - (featuring Memphis Bleek, Drag-On & Tikki Diamond) - Album ends on a bad note, second song that doesn't belong on this CD. More rappers Warren shouldn't be hookin up with. This isn't a Warren G production either, Vada Nobles produced it. 2.5/5

I had to do this quick review to show the people who hate on this album, that it stands as one of the best West coast records since the rebirth of this left coast hip-hop. Warren evolves with this album rappin about more mature themes over more reserved, r&b rhythms. Many people aren't feelin the vibe the album has to offer, but that's because they hate on the smoother, more soulful shit. Warren always put it down like that, what's the problem? Yeah, G-Dub's rhymes have slipped back a lil compared to what he use to flip back in '94. That's another reason, but I seem to not really notice it cause he makes it up with the ill hooks and beats. People have trouble accepting the Ruff Ryder appearances, I do too, but that doesn't ruin the whole album. This CD starts off strong, about halfway through the album, some flaws pop up. It doesn't have a strong finish, but there are enough dope joints. I love the overall mood to this album, Warren keeps a good overall flow intact for it. Some songs that should have been left out; "We Got That" and the "I Want It All" Remix. Warren gives us those tight gangsta ballads only he can give us like, "G Spot" and "You Never Know." He produces the whole album except for 3 songs. Warren tried to make up for his lack of rhymes at times with loads of guest rappers. It seems to me Eve and Memphis Bleek were commercial stunts. With "Return Of The Regulator" on the horizon, Warren G vows more Warren G, as a rapper and producer. Look for him to do the whole album with the exception of Soopafly and his older bother, Dr. Dre, doing a track each. Guests are toned down this time as well. Responses have been great so far, could this rank passed "I Want It All" and "Take A Look Over My Shoulder?" I hope so. For this album, more reserved Warren G music. He lives up to the G-Funk title with songs like, "Gangsta Love," "Why Oh Why," "I Want It All," and "G-Spot." Great album to just push play and fall back to.

4/5 Dubs!


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