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Title: Freestyle Files Got Me Wanting To Write
Post by: Ebz on September 30, 2020, 04:14:04 AM
Ras freestyle files got my mind going wild
worse than my Daz  obsession which had me in denial
Worse than my weak ass wanna be rhymes with sccit and cube n all of you childís
The word play insane
Everybody on game
Nobody shame
Arrogance, confidence
No confidentiality
But Iím not rough like that
I can be tough but fuck that
I ainít buff
No gat
How they get to spit like that and get away with it
Iím digging it
But Iím thinkin
If thatís the truth and not boastin
If thatís some true God West coastin
If that how these folks get when they roastin
Iím toastin
I done my dirt and the scene was dope
But I was the quiet girl in the corner that everyone thoughtíd choke
I donít mean on the mic
Iím talkin real life
Not bustin guns
Cussin every cunt
Even Mumís
No boundaries
Always found to be smokiní loud and free
Then shit got heavy
Everybody wanna piece of Ebby
Iím still not hopin to chill in the Chevy
Just wanna write
Fuck mics
Fuck the life
Fuck the flashy shit
I keep it trashy but Iím still quick
Just donít chit chat bout the big facts
I donít know where I was going with this........