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Title: Will Life Ever Return?
Post by: Infinite Trapped in 1996 on January 12, 2021, 12:23:53 AM
Will life ever return?
How many lessons I need to learn?
How many riddles of the Buddah
before I can move thru a
barricade of restrictions
it's like Groundhog day all over again
Times 10 - complete wit social distancin'
And these prison walls prevent
me from the sin
Sick until proven healthy

So check it
I attest that
My nexus
Heads west with
Source of the next shit
Low level
And now donít it seem amazing

picture an emcee, great magnitude platinum selling
sell out, without a doubt, sexy broads, vases, luxury
he's depicted by outlets as aces, face on billboards
how you see a billboard when you driving,
I'm just getting you more bored
picture the truth, numero uno
what's said, and fact check-Ed
it's perpetuat-Ed in critical mass-es
it's masked but that's that
cause that's what's been said
Ever read a dictionary on history
break it down, break it down

Massive genocide, forced inoculation, not one among us shall survive
of the forgotten people in the forgotten land
Genocide at the hands of the grafted man
Creation of Allah, why he let these devils run their plan?
Must be the beast unleashed, son of Sam
Must be the fallen angels descent to show dominance on the Earth
Celebrations at half-times on NFL Turf
Days of the Turk, Ottoman comes crashing down WW1
Plots have begun, Rise and fall of a Nation
Sick man of the East, Even in Ramadaan the Shayateen released
A prophet must arise at times of great decline and herald
Face to Face with the beast, eye of the sparrow
Like Musa speaking with tied tongue to the Pharoah
Dua to Allah, to loosen the tongue
Prophecy begun, 20th Century addendum
to the One Religion
One world government pyramid placing man in prison
Muhammad say fast one day and eat the next
Man comprimises thru prison cells when denied sex
When denied ecstasy of jewels threw false imprisonment
Letters sent to the Honorable one, vision in prison
Reaches and "binds back" the root meaning of religion
re-li-gre, Latin roots, Caesar, times uncertain
Want to convert man into A.I no longer person
Mankind controlled by computer chip
Gone soft, dudes looking mad Phemenon
Where's the return of Pac
Prophecized on Makeveli 7 Day Theory
Actually, it's odd these stars connecting
On a starry kufi worn by a deity
with news for the masses of poor, righteous teachers
Rza Reserect grave diggaz blowing out speakers
Speach reach and teach to delay the day of Judgement
The Messenger, the Mehdi, Made his call.
So learn from it bitchazz muthafuckaz!!

to be continued...