Author Topic: A Gangstas Gangsta(off the top of the dome)  (Read 248 times)

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A Gangstas Gangsta(off the top of the dome)
« on: May 15, 2006, 04:20:58 PM »
The fuck is that smell that the fuck is that scent,its adead body leakn out rum in the  trash bin/im murda minded never mindin the consequences, of choppin a body up to pieces and throwin it in a bucket with the rest of them bitches /the muthafuckin millimeter got mad at a nigga quick, cuz the clip got jammed and i refused to replace it/fuckin around wit me thats a good life wasted, blow ya cap back wipe my ass and say my good graces/kill a nigga n go to sleep and start seein faces/put holes in ya face like voorhees jason/dont blame me blame society basics,cuz its so many crimes to commit niggas blood gets wasted/time? i faced it blood i pissed in it, took a look at te judicial system n took a shit in it/never know how tragic gangbanging is until u get in it,blast on hoe faggots n str8 bithc niggas/9mm holdin meet the pistol n the clip niggas/heres to gun glory and 9mm sanging, killin 4 the fuck of it a gangstas gangsta