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CREDITS: DJ Khaled - Listennn: The Album
« on: May 21, 2006, 06:52:52 AM »
Terror Squad Presents DJ Khaled
Listennn The Album
Terror Squad/Koch Records (June 6 2006)

01. Intro - DJ Khaled
Produced By DJ Khaled

02. Born N Raised - Trick Daddy, Pitbull & Rick Ross
Produced By The Runners

03. Gangsta Shit - Young Jeezy, Bun B, Slick Pulla & Bloodraw
Produced By DJ Nasty & L.V.M.

04. Grammy Family - Kanye West, Consequence & John Legend
Produced By Kanye West

05. Problem - Beanie Sigel & Jadakiss
Produced By DJ Khaled

06. Holla At Me - Lil' Wayne, Paul Wall, Fat Joe, Rick Ross & Pitbull
Produced By Cool & Dre
Featuring Samples from the Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force recording "Looking For The Perfect Beat"
Contains elements of "Looking For The Perfect Beat"

07. Addicted - Juelz Santana
Produced by Streetrunner

08. Watch Out - Akon, Styles P, Fat Joe & Rick Ross
Produced By Cool & Dre

09. Destroy You - Twista & Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Produced By Cool & Dre

10. Never Be Nothing Like Me - Lil' Scrappy & Homeboy
Produced By Mr. Collipark

11. Candy Paint - Slim Thug, Chamillionaire & Trina
Produced By Cool & Dre

12. MIA - Lil' Wayne
Produced By Develop

13. Where You At - Freeway & Clipse
Produced By DJ Khaled

14. Stll Fly - Birdman & Chop
Produced By T. Mix

15. Dip Slide Ride Out - T.I., Big Kuntry & Young Dro
Produced by Keith McMasters

16. Movement - Dre
Produced By Cool & Dre

17. The Future Of Dade - Brisco, Dirt E Red, Dela, Lunch Money, Co, Hennessy & P.M.
Produced By The Diaz Brothers

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Re: CREDITS: DJ Khaled - Listennn (The Album)
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2006, 11:00:20 AM »
that beanie and jada track has the same keys as the sheek and styles track on sheek album, is this a sample or is this just a raped melody?

i couldnt get audio for the track but this is the name straight off the sheek album credit post

5. In/ Out (S.P.) (f/Styles)
Produced by Vinny Idol

also whats the sample for the holla at me track? its the same joint that ll and jlo did too...


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Re: CREDITS: DJ Khaled - Listennn (The Album)
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Twista's verses on "Destroy You" are EXACTLY the same as a track that has been mistakenly marked as the Timbo produced unreleased Twista track called "Timbo 2004".  This track is really a track produced by the Co-Stars...

the original "Twista 2004" track was left off Kamikaze and only a snippet of that track over the original Timblanad beat exsists.   So basically Twista's verse from the original Timbo track was lifted, put on the Co-Stars track, and then lifted again and put on the 'Destroy You" track...

listen closely to the 2nd verse of the "Destroy You"  Twista says ".... never going to get rid of me, on some ZEET ZEET..." it's actually supposed to say "...on some Timbaland heat..." but the part has been edited out for this album as it's credited to Cool & Dre...

just some interesting facts, thanks Jome!
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Re: CREDITS: DJ Khaled - Listennn: The Album
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