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C.V.: Rob The Viking (Productions)
« on: April 24, 2007, 11:14:59 PM »
this is my first production list ive ever done so go easy on me on this one and help me out if u notice anything missing. will i went wit Rob The Viking a producer from Canada who is i guess you can say an in-house producer for Battle Axe Records because i dont see him produce anything for many people outside of swollen members, buc fifty and sweatshop union. I really think he is a consistant beat maker that always makes catchy beats which dont mean they are simple, all of his beats are actually very well done. but anyways enough of this lets get onto the list.

Instrumental (Track 16 from Battle Axe Warriors Vol. 3)
Intro (For Battle Axe Warriors Vol. 2)

Exclusives From The Beats To Pillage And Conquer
Move It Up
With Meaning (Remix)
Fist Full Of Beats

Abstract Rude
Get Live Ft. Swollen Members
She's Always Right
Stop Biting

Code Name: Scorpion (Abstract Rude, Prevail & Moka Only)
And That You Can Quote
Antz Out Of A Job
Get What You Get
Jam Packed
Rifle Association
Smokin' In Here
To Make Millions

Buc Fifty
Go For Mine
Glock And A Dream
Still Getting Over
See The Light
Go For Mine Ft. Madchild &Kutfat
Like A G
On My Own
Planet Alighnment Ft. Swollen Members

Dirty Circus
Typical Man

Packed Event
Proper Reaction Ft. Mad Child

Moka Only
Sittin On The Porch

Mr. Brady
Dirty (Intro)
Warpaint Ft. Buc Fifty
Hip Hop Apostles
Let My Record Rotate
Summer Lightning Ft. Swollen Members
Smoke Break (Interlude)
Don't Stop
Under Street Lights Ft. Buc Fifty
Robs Break (Interlude)

Feelin' Alright
The Revolution
Hold Your Soul
One Day (Co-Production)

Labor Pains Ft. Metty The Dert Merchant, Mos Eisley & Treefrog

Metty The Dert Merchant
Blue Collar Ballad Ft. Mos Eisley

Mos Eisley
A Wrinkle In Time Ft. Treefrog

Son Doobie
Wile Out
Put Em Up

Sweatshop Union
Labor Pains
Radio Edit
I Got News
On The Sly
The Way
Broken Record
Close To Home
Never Enough (Money Loves Me) (Co-Production with Metty The Dirt Merchant)
Come Back (Co-Production with Dusty Melo)
God Bless
Hit The Wall
I've Been Down
Lead The Way
End Of It All

Swollen Members
Black Magic (Intro)
Pressure (Co-Production)
Press Forward
Grind Ft. Moka Only
Torture Ft. Casual & DJ Revolution
Prisoner Of Doom
Too Hot Ft. DJ Babu
Sinister Ft. Jacken
Black Magic Ft. DJ Swamp
Take It Back
Take It Back (Remix)
Monsters In The Closet (Intro)
Bring it Home
Act On it
Long Way Down (Co-Production)
The Capitol
Freak Fantastic (Co-Production)
Snake Bite
The Reflection
Burns & Scars Ft. Son Doobie
High Road
Poker Face Ft. Buc Fifty
Heavy (Intro)
Block Party (Co-Production)
Watch This
Bottom Line
Concentrate (Co-Production)
Adrenaline (Co-Production)
Don't Know Why (Co-Production)
Ambush/Sensational Breed Ft. Son Doobie (let Ambush play and it'll play Sensation Seed eventually, both are produced by RTV)