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The version of Hitler (and other politicians) on why they lost is because they didn't get enough support from home. That theory is called "Dolchsto▀legende" (trans.: the legend about being backstabbed with a dagger). A lot of politicians at home thought the war was unwinnable and openly spoke out against generals and Wilhelm. Those people were later refered to as "Die Novemberverbrecher" (trans.: the criminals of november [in reference to the capitulation in november 1918]) and accused of treason. Anti-semitism was of course involved here too, like with pretty much everything Hitler had his hands in.

I don't know if Hitler ever publically stated his view on Kaiser Wilhelm. But I do know this: He said that when Germany gave up in 1918 and when the treaty of Versailles happened, that was precisely the time when he decided to become a politician. He was 1. really disappointed because the "traitors"/"leftists"/"democrats"/Novemberverbrecher" ... whatever you wanna call them, turned their back on Wilhelm which ultimately led to capitulation and 2. very upset with how insane the treaty of Versailles was. When he became a politician and had his first speeches and shit, he claimed to go to France, go to Versailles and force them to terminate that treaty. That's why many people voted for him. And he actually really did that.

Thanks for the info, it sounds to me like Hitler didn't blame Kaiser Wilhelm for the WW1 loss, but rather the rest of Germany that didn't give him enough support.  So, is there anything you can tell me at all about the role the Jews might have played in Germany to cause the Germans to lose WW1, anything that might have caused the Nazi's to be bitter towards them? 

Also, was Hitler mad at the Jews for their behaivor against Germany in WW1, or for things they did after WW1, or both?  Can you explain more?

I appreciate any information you have cause I've been reading a lot these past several months about WW1 cause of the Ottoman Empire relationship with Germany, and your the first German I've talked to about all this.

Hitlers hatred for jews as far as I know had a lot to do with things they did after the war, After Kaiser Wilhelm abdicated the throne the Weimar Republic became in charge, and surrendered, the Weimar Republic were of course mostly Jews, and they were forced into signing the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler believed that Germany could have continued the war and won,but they obviously didn't have a chance at that point. He saw the Treaty as a slap in the face to Germany and he blamed the Weimar(Jews) for it.


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I'm going to write more about this a little later... but did you all ever notice that in World War 1, World War 2, Vietnam, Gulf War 1, Gulf War 2, and so on... America was never threatened by those countries? 

The Germans couldn't even cross the English channel to invade England!!  Let alone cross the Atlantic to attack America!


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Hitler's just lucky Kobe wasnt alive yet


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\I know Kaiser Wilhelm liked Muslims because he's quoted as saying he was impressed in his travels through the Ottoman Empire in 1904 and if he hadn't had a religion before travelling, he says "I would have converted to Islam". 

I believe Hitler himself likened National Socialism to Islam (or rather, "Mohammedism", as he called it) and stated he admired Islam's violent tendencies.