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You can post as much info about the album as you want, but a tracklist with producer credits is a minimum to be considered "credits".
Album cover, musician info, samples is considered a bonus, do as much as you please.

Thread title for album credits should be like this:    CREDITS: Artist - Album Name
Soundtracks/Compilations with several artists like this:    CREDITS: Absolute Gangstahits (VA)    or    CREDITS: The Wash (OST)

Template for a typical credits thread with a good layout:

--- Code: ---[color=black][b]Artist Name in Bold[/b]
[i]Album Name in Italic[/i]

[img]Link to album cover[/img]  (Preferably not much bigger than 200x200 pixels, as it could look messy)

1. [b]Trackname in Bold[/b] (feat. Guest Artist)
Produced by producer
Co-produced by co-producer
Keyboard by keyboard man
*Contains a sample from some old song

Executive Produced by Executive Producer[/color]

--- End code ---

It's not necessary to do all this for minor (or underground) albums, that only a few people are likely to check.


Obviously, not every album has been posted on here, so here is where you can post a request.

Just a few rules:
-Album must be hip-hop/R&B related in some sort of way.
-Don't ask for credits for albums that are either unreleased and/or have no tracklist.
-Please post in this thread if you filled a request.

40 Cal - Mooga
67 MOB - Raising The Bar
A-1 - Mash Confusion
Ace Hood - We The Best Music Group & Def Jam Present: Ace Won't Fold
Agallah - Da Album Is Da Mixtape
Barshem - Ghettonometry
Bekay - The Future Of Hip-Hop is Now
Beanie Sigel - The Broad Street Bully
Big Pokey - Evacuation Notice
Birdman & Rick Ross - The H: The Lost Album Vol. 1
Bizarre - Hate Music
Bizarre - Liquor, Weed, & Food Stamps
Bowtie - Son of A Junkie
C-Rayz Walz - Free Rayz Walz
Camp Mob Figaz
Canibus - My Name Is Nobody
Celly Cel Presents The Gumbo Pot
Coolio - The Return of The Gangsta
Cougee Brothaz - Waitin' Our Turn
Cry Wolf OST
D'Angelo - The Best So Far
Da Sak Is Fatt Vol. 1
Da Sak Is Still Fatt Vol. 2
B Boyz - Life Of A D Boy
Diz - It's My Turn
Dope Game
Dope Game 4
Dwele - Sketches Of A Man
ENEMY Mindz - Every Negative Environment Manipulates Your Mind
Furious - Breaking Point
Girlicious - Girlicious
Grand - Grands & Rubbabandz
Green City - Brand New Money
IGT - The 4 Fathers
Intrinzik - My Favorite Album
Intrinzik - Tricks of the Trade
J-Dubb - Money, Trees, And Real Estate
Jacked Up OST
Jaheim - Ghetto Classics
Jake The Snake - Strategy of The Crown
Journalist - Scribes Of Life
Juice - 100%
Justus League - Triple Play EP
K Young - Learn How To Love
Kevin Federline - Playing With Fire
Kevin Michael - Kevin Michael
Killa Hill OST
King Gordy - Entity
King Gordy - Cobain's Diary
King T - The Ruthless Chronicles
Kokane - Mr. Kane Part 2
Lil Boosie - For My Thugz
Lil Mo - Pain And Paper
Lil Scrappy - Prince Of The South
Lyfe Jennings - Lyfe Change
Lyfe Jennings - The Pheonix
Macy Gray - Big
Mary J Blige - Reflections (A Retrospective)
MC Hammer - Too Tight
Michelle Williams - Unexpected
Mob Figaz - The Comp
Nappy Roots - 90 in the Slow Lane: A Prelude to the Humdinger (Bootleg)
Nasty Nate - Custom Made
New Edition - One Love
OJ Da Juiceman - The Otha Side Of The Trap
Onyx - Cold Case Files
Paul Wall - Already Famous: Unreleased Chick Magnet Remixes
Playaz Circle - Flight 360: The Takeoff
Rasheeda - GA Peach
Ray J - All I Feel
Rob Lo - The Street Epidemic
Robin Thicke - The Evolution Of Robin Thicke
Sammie - Sammie
Savage C - Smokey The Bandit
Shareefa - Point Of No Return
Six-2 - Affiliated
Sky Balla - Mobb Report
Sky Balla - Tycoon Status
Solange - Sol-Angel And The Hadley St. Dreams
Speedy - Flight Risk
Steady Mobb'n - Blood Money (Demo Tape)
SunN.Y. - Overnight Celebrity
Sway & King Tech - Wake Up Show Unreleased Project
Tha Club House Click - Lord Infamous & Black Rain Presents: After Sics
The Bay Bridges Compilation
This Is Hot We Eat Vol. 2
Trillville - Straight Up No Chaser
Tre Hardson - Slimkid 3's Cafe
Tweedy Bird Loc - No Holds Barred
Twiztid - Independents Day
Twiztid - Toxic Terror Tour EP
Willie The Kid - Absolute Greatness
Zoe Pound - Little Haiti Stories

Tracklists/cover for a lot of these requests in this thread: http://www.dubcnn.com/connect/index.php?topic=195357.0

Che Fu - Spin One (credits + sample)
Daft Punk - Make Love (sample)
Federation - My Rimz (same sample as used on Fat Tone - Night And Day)

Good work on adding all the requests Davida, I split the rest of the thread off for easier overview.  8)

can someone post the credits to this album? Thanks.


--- Quote from: pc1978 on December 07, 2008, 06:33:21 PM ---can someone post the credits to this album? Thanks.

--- End quote ---

i posted the credits of the avant album  :)

NewYork Pope:
Anyway to encourage everyone to also post who the songs are mixed by, as well as recorded by. Basically, engineering credits? Those people work hard to get album to sound very good for the publics ears and theyre not being recognized. Whats up?

I saw a couple that mention mixing, but mainly stuff like Dre mix credit etc..

Please help in this area.


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