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CREDITS: Detroit Red - The Threat Is Real EP
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Don Cannon & The Affilliates Present Detroit Red: The Threat Is real EP

1. Death Dick (Intro)

2. Whatever
Produced by Detroit Red

3. Steps Back (Feat. Freeway and Lil' Wayne)
Produced by Don Cannon

4. Yo Son Yo B (Skit)

5. Gotta Win
Produced By Detroit Red

6. Mind Control 101
Produced by Don Cannon

7. Karmas A Bitch (Skit)

8. I'ts Nothing
Produced by Detroit Red

9. Yo Son Yo B Goes To Cheesecake Factory (Skit)

10. Keeps Me Some Money
Produced by Detroit Red

11. Leave You Alone
Produced by Detroit Red

12. Cannon Remix (Lil' Wayne Dedication 2 Version Feat. Detroit Red)
Produced By Don Cannon

13. Sorry
Produced By J.R. Rotem

14. Respects (Outro)

Bonus Tracks

15. Play My Shit (Skit)

16. Shoot The Party Up
Produced By Jay-Dilla

17. In the Streets (Feat. Willie The Kid)
Produced by Jay-Dilla

18. Jay-Z - I Know (Detroit Red Remix)
Produced by Detroit Red

19. 50 Cent - Man Down
Produced by Detroit Red
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