Author Topic: Ice Cube says Nipsey Hussle is the only New West rapper he mess with (audio)  (Read 4784 times)

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it's almost like cassidy to me,i hear his freestyles and be like he spit'n something,but his song structure sound like the freestyles and that shit don't work throughout a whole networth album, artist like that remind me of ed o'bannon  he was the shit in college but in the league he just wasn't up to par, and pap has worked with some good producers, and if all else fail why not have his producers make him some beats in the vain of others? yell
got a good woman at home,& this broad i smashed be-foe
but in my dome i'm think'n will it be good as be-foe
ring finger says, to don't pursue it,the "k-9" in me says
"ain't-nothing-to-it, but-to-do-it"/
but if we bang and i get caught OH-BOY-YA!/
i pray to god the wife don't get kelis or elin's lawyer

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a few years ago my barber was playing a pa song that i really liked off some random mixtape...i never heard it again and have no idea what the name of it was.

his law library shit was unique but for the most part i dont like duke and never have.


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cubes diggin a few more new west artists, he's just in denial & i'll give him that for now. after his album drops he's goona connect with a gang of em mark my wordz