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Check out this new G-Fresh interview. This Atlanta producer has produced for Gucci Mane, B.o.B, Shawty Lo and more. His new single ďNice Day, Nice NightĒ featuring Lil Chuckee of Young Money and Travis Porter is available now. Interview after the jump.

Interview: Weíre right here with singer/producer, G-Fresh. Where did you get the name G-Fresh from in the first place?

G-Fresh: Thatís right; Iím a singer, not a rapper. The name G-Fresh came from when I attended Central High School. Back then, I used to dress really fashionable; I always kept up with the latest style. Ironically, a classmate started calling me G-Fresh. G stands for Greg. I just earned it, G-Fresh, and it always stuck with me.

Interview: Thatís cool. You were born in Switzerland, thatís different. How old were you when you came to USA?

G-Fresh: I was about two or three when we moved from Switzerland here to USA.

Interview: Are you ever still in Switzerland?

G-Fresh: I go there and visit my grandmother from time to time; about every 2-3 years.

Interview: Ok. When you moved to USA, it was Atlanta specifically. How did you adjust to Atlanta?

G-Fresh: I grew up in the suburbs so life growing up for me was like life for any other kid in the suburbs. You grow up and go through whatever youíre around. I specifically grew up on the North Side of Atlanta.

Interview: Which artists influenced you growing up?

G-Fresh: I grew up loving Michael Jackson and I still do. I always used to imitate him when I was a kid. I had all of his tapes, and I used to imitate his talent. Michael Jackson was one of my biggest influences. I like all genres of music though; I love Maroon 5, Coldplay, Jeezy and so on. I listen to all kinds of music.

Interview: What about producers specifically?

G-Fresh: Timbaland and will i am are two of my favorites. I think Danja Handz is just as great as well.

Interview: No doubt, good choices. I was reading your biography; how did you cope with your parents divorce?

G-Fresh: My relationship with my father is getting better now but it wasnít very good growing up. It was just weird to be honest. He didnít really understand  me with my music at first. Itís getting better and picking up now. I had a very strict dad, he was very old fashioned. He is a typical European father if you know what a European father is like. now, when i look back at it, i think the divorce was for the best. my mom found a great husband who still continues to be a great role model as well as a step father. as for my dad, he married a very sweet and beautiful lady who makes a wonderful step mom when im back visiting switzerland.

Interview: For sure. You sing and produce as mentioned Ė which do you enjoy more?

G-Fresh: To me, both of them are just as creative and I love to be creative. I do music for the people. I love making beats and doing hooks, itís tough to pick one. Although if I had to pick one, I would have to say producing more so because Iíve been doing it longer. If I listen to a record on the radio, I always listen to the beat first. I have to go back and listen to the song a second time so I can listen to the lyrics and hear that artistís writing skills.

Interview: Cool. Which are you better at?

G-Fresh: I would have to say that Iím a better producer than singer just because Iíve been producing longer than Iíve been singing. However, I am getting better with the singing part. Itís now almost as good as my producing! I hope it can catch up one day.

Interview: Tell us about your current situation.

G-Fresh: I used to have a group called Str8 Drop that consisted of myself, my brother and another artist named Robz. Now that Iím focusing on the producing and singing, along with my label Locked & Loaded Music Group, my brother and Robz are a group named The Kooly Bros. under my own label.

Interview: Cool. Tell us about your experiences with Jason Geter of Grand Hustle.

G-Fresh: Iíve always known Clay Evans [T.I.ís road manager]. We always go to Club Crucial, T.I. and Grand Hustle are apart of Club Crucial which is a popular nightclub here in Atlanta. Derek owns Club Crucial, shouts out to Derek and the crucial family. We would be at Club Crucial every Monday night for open mic night, in fact, Weíd go to all of the clubs that hold open mic events. I have a good relationship with Clay Evens, I knew him in the streets. One day, Clay introduced me to Jason Geter who of course is T.I.ís main partner over at Grand Hustle. Jason [Geter] loved us and it went from there. We were with Grand Hustle for about a year and a half. It didnít work out, but I still continue to keep my friendship with them. We went our own way.

Interview: You were signed to Grand Hustle?

G-Fresh: We werenít officially signed on paper to Grand Hustle. It was a ďletís see what yíall gotĒ type of situation. We were working with Grand Hustle for over a year recording music in their main studio every Monday-Thursday from 7PM-3AM.

Interview: Cool. Youíve also worked with Gucci Mane, B.o.B. and many others. Talk to us about that.

G-Fresh: i worked with B.o.B. a while back and got to know him when I produced the song ďCloud 9Ē for him that blew up. I believe that [Cloud 9] is the record that got him his major deal over at Rebel Rock. That was the first B.o.B. record that everybody loved. the ďCloud 9Ē record really brought him out.

As for Gucci Mane, I produced for him as well. we did about 4-5 tracks. Iíve also worked with Shawty Lo and we did a video together. Anybody in the Atlanta streets know who i am. Iím talking about anybody. You can go to the hood of the hoods in Atlanta and ask about G-Fresh. Theyíll all tell you ďthatís that white boy that does those beatsĒ or ďthatís that white boy who sings and heís fire.Ē

Interview: Thatís dope. Tell us about your upcoming project.

G-Fresh: My upcoming project has a very unique sound. I like to call it urban pop, but itís really a mix of hip hop, pop and rock and roll all fused together. I have a bunch of really different sounding records and songs of different styles and genres.

Interview: Do you prefer one style or sound over the other? Or must it be a mesh of all three?

G-Fresh: I prefer meshing all three together because itís different. me being different allows me to create a lot more, and it makes me more unique in my music that the people will hopefully enjoy!

Interview: Whatís up with the single?

G-Fresh: The single ďNice Day, Nice NightĒ really has a positive message to it. Itís about living your life in a positive way. The track features Travis Porter and Lil Chucky from Young Money.

Interview: Where can the fans hear it?

G-Fresh: I havenít released it yet. We just shot the video on June 7th-8th, a Tuesday-Wednesday shoot with McKinley Presents. After that, itíll be on ITunes, and everywhere else.

Interview: What project does it appear on?

G-Fresh: Itís on my upcoming EP which is currently untitled. We donít have a name for it yet but weíve been getting the records together. Weíre currently getting it all mastered and itís coming soon. Iím thinking about calling it ďThe MessageĒ but Im still unsure.

Interview: That would be a dope title. Which label is releasing the upcoming EP?

G-Fresh: Itís coming out through my own label Lock & Load Productions, as well as Stamped N Ent.

Interview: Ok, no doubt. Whatís next up for G-Fresh?

G-Fresh: Iím about to shoot a video with Lil Scrappy. Iíll continue working with artist in the streets and whoever needs music. IĎm steadily making music. I might come out with a mixtape for the streets too. I have lots of beats and Iíve worked with almost everybody here in Atlanta, not Jeezy, Ive worked with Gucci Mane, Shawty Lo, The Rich Kids, Travis Porter, Waka Flocka Flame and Roscoe Dash Ė people like that. Iím gonnaí put together a mixtape. That will come out for free download. I would love to work with young jeezy though. heís my favorite i always listen to his music before a show. it amps me up

Interview: No doubt, will be on the lookout for that G-Fresh. Do you have any last words before I let you go?

G-Fresh: Iím 20 years old and have been doing this since I was 9. Thatís 11 years in the game. You can check me out on and You can also Facebook me at GFresh100. Donít let people stop your dreams and dream big because anything is possible. You just have to put your mind to it and work hard and it will happen. I do this for the people because thats whats matters the most.
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