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Dr. Dre: Detox... Meet the surgeons (a preview)
« on: August 30, 2010, 04:40:03 PM »
this isn't misleading so get ur head outchur asses 4 a second and just take ur mind in the studio for a day...

why Cherry Coke? why not Dr pepper?

that's tite, i shoulda thought of that but then it wouldn't have been as catchy/sexy/interesting/recitable/likable when you say Dr. Pepper instead of Cherry Coke.  plus it woulda seemed corny with having Snoop & Diddy talking and arguing over Landy Cognac and Ciroc Vodka.

but i got song layout for everything leading up to and after that too....


the prequel mixtape:

"The Symptom"

01 - Frank Lucas Intro featuring Frank Lucas
*Produced By:  Dr. Dre
*Sampler By:  Pete Rock
*Drums By:  Dr. Dre
*Keys By:  Scott Storch & Camara Kambon

02 - Coming Back
*Produced By:  Dr. Dre & Just Blaze
*Additional Production By:  Hi Tek
Written By:  T.I.

03 - Topless featuring King T, Kobe, Nas, & Nipsey Hussle
*Produced By:  Dr. Dre & DJ Khalil
*Drums By:  Dr. Dre
*Keys By:  DJ Khalil
Written By:  T.I., Nas, & Nipsey Hussle

04 - O.G.'s Theme featuring Snoop Dogg
*Produced By:  Dr. Dre
*Additional Production By:  DJ Khalil
*Drums By:  Dr. Dre
*Keys By:  Scott Storch
Written By:  Ludacris

05 - Tha Shit Popped Off
featuring T.I.
*Produced By:  Dr. Dre
*Drums By:  Dr. Dre
*Additional Production By:  DJ Khalil
*Saxophone By:  Terrace Martin
*Live Replayed Congas By:  Best Kept Secret
Written By:  T.I.

06 - D.O.C.T.O.R
*Produced By:  Dr. Dre
Written By:  Young Knoxx

07 - It's 2050 And The Niggaz Still Trappin'
featuring Jeezy, Gucci Mane, & 211
*Produced By:  Dr. Dre & Lil' Jon
*Drums By:  Dr. Dre
*Additional Drums By:  Drumma Boy
*Keys By:  Lil' Jon
Written By:  Gucci Mane, Jeezy (hook), 211, & Young Knoxx

08 - Deeep featuring Maxwell, Eryka Badu, Tyrese, & Slim The Mobster
*Produced By:  Dr. Dre & Rodney Jerkins
*All Live Instruments Done By:  Dr. Dre & Maxwell
*Drums By:  Dr. Dre
Written By:  Dr. Dre, Maxwell, Eryka Badu, & Queen Latifah

09 - (Oh) Bless This Weed (The Great American Ballad)
featuring Tha Dogg Pound Gangsta Crips
*Produced By:  Dr. Dre & Focus
*Drums By:  Dr. Dre
*Keys By:  Focus
*Guitars By:  Focus
*Bass By:  Mike Elizondo
[a sung song by:  Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Daz Dillinger, Soopafly, and Kurupt]
Written By:  Snoop Dogg, Daz Dillinger, Kurupt, Soopafly, & The D.O.C

10 - Night In Miami
featuring John Legend, Trina, Pitbull, Rick Ross, & Diddy
*Produced By:  Dr. Dre & The JUSTICE LEAGUE
Written By:  Rick Ross, Pitbull, & John Legend

11 - Under Pressure
featuring Jay Z & Sean Kingston
*Produced By:  Dr. Dre & Scott Storch
*Mixed By:  Dr. Dre
Written By:  Jay Z

*all songs:  Recorded, Mixed, Engineered, & Mastered By:  Dr. Dre*

iTunes Bonus Tracks:

01 - Bitchez And Some Cherry Coke With Paul Masson (Original Version)

Verse One Written By:  Dr. Dre & 50 Cent ( performed by Dr. Dre )
Verse Two Written By:  Dr. Dre, Rakim, & Nipsey Hussle ( performed by Dr. Dre )
Verse Three Written By:  50 Cent & Nipsey Hussle ( performed by Dr. Dre )
Hook Written By:  Dr. Dre & Hypnotized Minds ( performed by Dr. Dre )
Extra Adlibs & Hook Adlibs By:  Lil' Kim & Nicki Minaj
Adlib Parts Written By:  Lil' Kim, Nicki Minaj, & Project Pat
Outro Talk Written & Performed By:  Eminem
Landy n' Cherry Coke & Ciroc Outro Skit Written & Performed By:  Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, & Diddy
Additional Skit Writing By:  DJ Pooh & Ice Cube
_Produced By:  Dr. Dre
_Additional Production By:  Rico Love, Rico Wade, & Kanye West
_Guitar Played By:  Brad Jordan aka Scarface
_Bass & Subs Played By:  Dr. Dre & Mike Elizondo
_Keys Played By:  Alicia Keyes & Camara Kambon
_Additional Keyboard Sounds By:  Big Hutch & Scott Storch
_Scratching Provided By:  DJ Paul
_Scratching Effects Provided By:  Juicy 'J'
_Live Drums Played By:  Dr. Dre
_MPC Drumming Provided By:  Dr. Dre
_Additional MPC Drum Breaks Provided By:  Just Blaze & AraaabMuzik
_Drum Sequencing & Programming Done By:  Dr. Dre & Just Blaze
_Percussion Done By:  Dr. Dre & The Legendary Roots Crew
_Audio Verse Sequencing Done By:  Dr. Dre
_Recorded & Mixed By:  Dr. Dre & Jimmy Douglass
_Additional Mixing By:  Ann Mincieli
_Engineered By:  Dr. Dre
**Background Outro skit Beat Produced By:  Dr. Dre & Ski Beatz
**Background Outro skit Beat Additional Production By:  DJ Khalil
Length = 4:20
Audience = Everybody
Inspiration = The darkness of a (devoted) Heathen with a fun but serious Hip Hop soul
Sound = Commercial but with a "dark" hip hop rhythm with a slight you can't really understand it bcuz it's new Gangsta Heavy Metal flare

02 - To The Top featuring Eminem
*Produced By:  Dr. Dre
*Sampler:  Diddy
*Additional Production By:  Mr. Porter
*Additional Drum Sounds By:  DJ Khalil
Written By:  Eminem

Best Buy Bonus Track:

01 - New Clothes featuring Game, Pharrelll Williams, The Clipse & Will.I.Am
*Produced By:  Dr. Dre & The Neptunes
*Drums By:  Dr. Dre
*Instruments By:  Chad Hugo
Keys By:  Pharrell Williams
*Guitars By:  Pharrell Williams
*Bass By:  Mike Elizondo & Chad Hugo
Written By:  Pharrell Williams, Game, Dr. Dre, Malice, Pusha T., & Will.I.Am
*Mixed By:  Dr. Dre

Vinyl ONLY:

01 - 81' featuring Ice Cube & MC Ren
*Produced By:  Dr. Dre
*Drums By:  Dr. Dre
*Scratching By:  Dr. Dre
*Additional Production By:  DJ Yella
*Bass By:  Dr. Dre
Written By:  Dr. Dre, The D.O.C, Ice Cube, & MC Ren
*Mixed By:  Dr. Dre
*Recorded, Engineered, & Mastered By:  Dr. Dre

02 - Ghetto Hip Hop
*Produced By:  Dr. Dre
*Drums By:  Dr. Dre
*Sampler By:  Pete Rock
*All Instruments Played By:  Dr. Dre
*Additional Production By:  Black Milk
Written By:  Joe Buddens, Black Milk, Saigon, & Dr. Dre
*Mixed By:  Dr. Dre
*Recorded, Engineered, & Mastered By:  Dr. Dre & DJ Quik

CASSETTE ONLY:  10 Copies Available for Limited Supply release:  it would be a Rare find and a HARD track to get which would increase the value, especially since it's ONLY available on cassette tape.  *Gold plated tape box, Black & Purple lettering, and White tape*.  They would all be strategically placed thru-out the states.  Only the smaller and less populated states like Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, etc..  Places nobody would look to find.

01 - As We Ride
*Produced By:  Dr. Dre & Will.I.Am
*Additional Production By:  Soopafly
*Drums By:  Dr. Dre
*Sampler By:  Dr. Dre
*Horns By:  Dr. Dre
*Additional Drums By:  Daz Dillinger
*Keys By:  Soopafly
*Guitars By:  Colin Wolfe
*Scratches By:  Warren G
*Additional Bass By:  Brian "Big Bass" Gardner
*Engineered By:  Dr. Dre & John Payne
*Mastered By:  Dr. Dre

Special Released Song (via:  Madden 2k?, NBA 2k?, Movie, etc.):

01 - Say Dr. Dre
*Produced By:  Dr. Dre
*Drums By:  Dr. Dre
*Keys By:  Dawuan Parker, Mark Batson, & Focus
*Guitars:  Slash
*Bass:  Dr. Dre & Mike Elizondo
Written By:  Crooked I

Single #1 Exclusive Track:

01 - Sodomy featuring Lady Gaga
*Produced By:  Dr. Dre & Lady Gaga
*Drums By:  Dr. Dre & ?uestLove
*Keys By:  Scott Storch
*Additional Keyboard Sounds By:  Lady Gaga
*Sampler:  Dr. Dre
*Mixed By:  Dr. Dre
Written By:  50 Cent, Akon, Lady Gaga, & Jay Z

Single #2 Exclusive Track:            -VINLY EDITION ONLY SINGLE:                                                                             05 - Exhale & Withdraw (The Last Of Da Smoke)
                                                                                                                                                  *Production By:  Dr. Dre
01 - (remix)                                                    *Recorded, Engineered, Mastered, & Mixed By:  Dr. Dre
*Produced By:  Dr. Dre & Hi Tek                                                           (A Limited Release With Special Platinum Vinyl Edition)
*Drums By:  Dr. Dre
*Guitars By:  Mike Elizondo
*Keys By:  Jonathan JR. Rottem
*Additional Sounds By:  Che' Vicious
*Sampler:  Hi Tek
*Mixed By:  Dr. Dre

02 - Pass The Day By
featuring Andre 3000
*Produced By:  Dr. Dre
*Drums By:  Dr. Dre
*Additional Drum Patterns By:  J. Dilla
*Keys By:  Sam Sneed
*Guitars By:  Andre 3000
*Bass Guitar:  Sleepy Brown & Mike Elizondo
*Sampler By:  Dr. Dre
*Scratches By:  Dr. Dre
Written By:  Outkast
*Mixed By:  Dr. Dre

Single #3 Exclusive Track:

01 - Get Even featuring George Clinton & Stat Quo
*Produced By:  Dr. Dre
*Keys By:  Scott Storch & Camara Kambon
*Drums By:  Dr. Dre
*Additional Drum Sounds By:  DJ Khaled
*Guitars By:  Kid Rock
*Bass By:  Che' Vicious
Written By:  Stat Quo, Rakim, Bishop Lamont, & 50 Cent
*Mixed By:  Dr. Dre

02 - Good Weed Part II featuring B.o.B, Sleepy Brown, Too $hort, & Nate Dogg
*Produced By:  Dr. Dre
*Drums By:  Travis Barker
*Guitars By:  B.o.B
*Keys By:  B.o.B & Sleepy Brown
*Bass By:  Dr. Dre & Mike Elizondo
*Additional Keyboard Sounds By:  Mike Dean
Written By:  B.o.B, Sleepy Brown, Too $hort, Nate Dogg, & Hittman
*Mixed By:  Dr. Dre

DETOX Limited Edition Release:  

13 - Good Weed
*Produced By:  Dr. Dre & Pete Rock
*Drums By:  Dr. Dre
*Sampler By:  Pete Rock
*Sequencing & Arranging Done By:  Dr. Dre
*Guitars By:  Mike Elizondo
*Keys By:  Mr. Porter
*Bass By:  Dr. Dre
*Bass Guitars By:  Brian "Big Bass" Gardner
Written By:  Dr. Dre, Bakin Soda Bizz, & Hittman
*Mixed By:  Dr. Dre

14 - Marked Man featuring Game & Matthew Santos
*Produced By:  Dr. Dre & Brian Michael Cox
*Drums By:  Dr. Dre
*Guitars By:  Mike Elizondo
*Bass By:  Mike Elizondo & Phonk Beta
Written By:  Dr. Dre, Game, Michael Santos, & Brotha Lynch Hung
*Mixed By:  Dr. Dre

15 - What If Dre Was Broke
*Produced By:  Dr. Dre
*Additional Production By:  Erick Sermon & Rockwilder
*Scratches By:  DJ Premier
*Drums By:  Dr. Dre
Written By:  Royce Da 5'9 & Sticky Fingaz
*Mixed By:  Dr. Dre

16 - Don't Question Me featuring The D.O.C
*Produced By:  Dr. Dre
*Guitars By:  Rodney Jerkins & Mike Elizondo
*Keys By:  Camara Kambon
*Bass By:  Brian McKnight
*Drums By:  Dr. Dre
Written By:  The D.O.C & Eminem
*Mixed By:  Dr. Dre

17 - Set Tha Shit On Fire
featuring The Red Hot Chili Peppers
*Produced By:  Dr. Dre & The Red Hot Chili Peppers
Written By:  Dr. Dre, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, & Snoop Dogg
_-_-_:  A song about how California is getting worse and worse every year.  
Sound:  A laidback country Western Tune with an upbeat edge to it that's Hip Hop
Audience:  A song for the Oppressed & Depressed

on another note:  does anybody else think tha verses from Snoop's song "True Lies" should've been switched.  Like everything from the beginning hook the the second verse hook.  i always thought it would've sounded a hellava lot better and probably would've been 1 of their best songs, not that it already izn't, but i'm talkin top 5 after the "Doggstyle" album.
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radiotube you are possibly the most pathetic person in existance


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You expect me to download an album that isn't real?  Sorry, but I can't sign this.

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Random ass topic right here


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Random ass topic right here
the worst part about is he does this shit all the time and you know he puts a lot of thought and time into it

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Random ass topic right here
the worst part about is he does this shit all the time and you know he puts a lot of thought and time into it

Fake tracklists are the most lame thing ever written on a computer.  Radio Tube you are a retard of epic status.


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and by the way that is the worst song title i have ever heard

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Oh, Lord. :bomb:


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and by the way that is the worst song title i have ever heard
Not only that, I played the song in my head, and it too was wack.
Detox might suck :o
are you people that dumb and
Tuff one...but quik is up there...put it on me is classic imo and on some detox lethal>>dj quik....rza>>premo.....dre>>>quik....rza=dre....dre, rza, quik, dj lethal>>>>>timberland, rockwielder, EIMINEM, mannie fresh

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i knew there was a reason i hated this kid.


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Look muthafuckas, this is the closest you're getting to Detox so enjoy it!

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I just re-read this, just to see if I was imagining that every last detail of the song was written out & it was.

This is a sad, sad day for Dubcc posters.