Author Topic: Snoop Dogg Talks Detox “Dr. Dre Has Wrong People In His Environment”  (Read 5532 times)


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BOTTOM LINE IS DRE'S SONGS DONT MAKE NO SENSE WITHOUT SNOOP DO DUB AN THA DOGGPOUND thats the formula and I think Dre is so different now days he dont hang with the DP he dont hang with Snoop like they all did back then so I doubt he will ever have another album like the 1at Chronic an the 2nd Chronic. That new song he has with eminem SUCKS! Shit Daz's last few albums is whats up those are the beats thats the DPG formula! dAz an Fly on production is whats good for the whole DPG camp! Sorry Dre to much time has went by homie the beats your puttin out now sound like everything else out here give us that hard core gangsta shit!


You have to admit it is pretty funny that snoop is criticizing someone for working with the wrong people.

Sounds like D.O.C. and Snoop don't sell any more and are mad at Dre for trying to make music that is relevant again.



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You have to admit it is pretty funny that snoop is criticizing someone for working with the wrong people.

Sounds like D.O.C. and Snoop don't sell any more and are mad at Dre for trying to make music that is relevant again.


What is relevant in 2011? You mean that stuff they play on the radio?

Damn even 5 years ago you could (at any one time) hear a few current bangers in rotation on the daily...


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i don't know what's wrong with dre. i have no idea.maybe it's wrong people in his environment maybe it's lack of good weed. i only know his music sucks hard recently and is really hard to listen to...


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Hmm ... this is shitty news but probably true.  Maybe he should scrap Detox and make his own brand of work-out videos.  Dre style. 


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I agree 100% with Snoop Dogg. I'm glad he said that shit.
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Dr. Dre Jimmy Iovine ain't going after the same market that Dre used to supply with DETOX.


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The wrong people = Jimmy Iovine


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I don't think Dre needs Snoop and DOC or anyone in particular to make good music...

He's made great music with NWA, with Eminem, then stuff with different co-producers like on Keep Their Heads Ringing, Been There Done That, California Love, Natural Born Killaz, Bad Intentions...

There's a ton of great songs he's done with no Snoop or DOC involvement, so I think it's something else

I think he needs a new main idea and sound and he hasn't found one yet



I agree 100% with Snoop Dogg. I'm glad he said that shit.
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Fellas Seriously....Don't get caught up in the Snoop Dogg interview...How many boxing fans out there..Both Roy Jones Jr. and Bernard Hopkins fought this weekend in separate fights..Not going to get into the results but hopefully u already know..Both in there forty's and past there prime but Jones is Washed the Fuck up while Hopkins still got a lil somethin for yo ass...Snoop and DOC had their time but are closer to Jones than Hopkins..Dre know this..The ain't the 90's fellas..For better or for worse, Dre got to find that new shit. So far, mixed results but not a total failure.. Snoop and DOC could have a space or place in Detox but they ain't leading players anymore...How bout flipping it and u tell me where Snoop and DOC careers have been without Dre??  Snoop some success but he had never ever reached the success of his first album..DOC?? Ok...U  tell me...I agree we have waited far to long for Detox and it probably will never meet the hype but the success of the project will depend on the hotness of the New Shit....Not that old Roy jones/SNoop Dogg/DOC shit..It was nice but if u feel the mood for that as often I do, just bump Chronic and Doggystyle.  


and btw, there are a HANDFUL of songs from Doggumentary that are better than any of the new Dre material.


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Yeah........because Snoop is making great music himself.

don't know what you're talking about, Doggumentary is a quality album by Snoop.  You 1990's westcoast hip hop fans need to wise up and broaden your minds, it's 2011.

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When DOC left Dre that was the sign that Detox was done

people talking shit about Snoop, fuck outta here, NO ONE checking for Dre gives a fucks about non-westcoast shit with no snoop.  Dre without Snoop and without the all these "washed up" west rappers is I need a Doctor WACK
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Dre relies a lot on the people in the studio with him. The team of Storch, Elizondo, eminem, hitman, and Mel-Man worked beautifully for him. And we have a great record (2001) to prove it. I don't know exactly what his team was at Death Row, but I think it was The Glove, RBX, barney, butch, snoop, tony green... that crew didn't stay together too long, but they must have had incredible synergy in the studio. those beats just came together so beautifully. and now whatever team he's with, it's just is not working. From writers to musicians to engineers to executives its just not working at all. there are plenty of people that dre has worked very well with in his career, and he knows shit worked with them, so i'm assuming money and ego's are the reason why he is now with the wrong people. and now he's gonna have the wrong record out as a result. no disrespect to mark batson though, that dude is amazing and i doubt he's the problem.