Author Topic: Independent Conscious Hip Hop Artist Priest Hits The Ground Running  (Read 1009 times)


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Independent Conscious Hip Hop Artist Priest Hits The Ground Running With Street Chronicles

South Detroit Entertainment is very happy to announce the first studio effort from independent conscious hip hop artist Priest.

With the release of the street album, this new release, which carries eleven tracks, is a deep, thought provoking  cd, and at times, angry.

(OPENPRESS) June 29, 2012 -- From the opening track titled Fuck U Canada, Priest literally opens up the door to a darkened room, and turns the light on, to expose the Canadian government's dirty little secret of racial profiling at its border crossings, and airports that it's been using against Afro Americans, Afro Europeans, and even Afro Canadians, including Toronto's very own rap artist, Kardinal Offishall.

To the second track, titled Mr Microphone Pussy, Priest takes his shots at a radio talk show host, for his attacks against actor Michael J. Fox, and his neurological disorder, Parkinson's Disease.

On the fifth track, Mr Chocolate Puddin, Priest take's his opportunity to make a well established Afro American actor, and comedian remember that hypocrisy isn't acceptable within the Afro American community.

Priest takes this actor, and comedian to task for his numerous past sexual indiscretions, and unnecessary need to attack Afro American families for how they choose to name their children, when we as a community, should be more concerned with making sure that the youth of today are getting good grades.

To the eleventh track which is a salute to the late Geronimo Ji - Jaga Pratt, Priest brings you different tastes, and emotions that will leave you wanting to hear more from this artist.

In an age where rap artists are more concerned with glamorizing skinny jeans, and music that is lacking in lyrical substance, Priest isn't an artist like that at all, in fact, he's just the opposite.

Priest is a hip hop artist who isn't intimidated to bring you conscious hip hop, and lyrically, he isn't scared to bring you lyrical content that has substance, or a message in his music.

Tired of the lack of focus that conscious hip hop has been getting, Priest has delivered street chronicles for the conscious hip hop fans in 2012.