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Re: Assad: My opposition is 80-90% Al-Qaeda terrorists
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North Korea

3 countries left in the world that the banking cartel want for complete global financial control. Once they have it, they could implement global monetary solutions. Why do you think every crisis is a "global" crisis. "Global" warming, "global" food crisis, "global" economic crisis, "global" health issue (swine flu). They want us to believe everything is a global issue in order to shoehorn us into accepting global solutions. Those 3 countries I mentioned stand in the way.

Everything you hear on the media about going to war with these countries is by design and preparation. They will be smeared, they will spread lies about them. It's up to us to be smart and know what's 4 moves ahead

Which is why Russia is backing each of them?

Are they?

Or is it merely all part of the act? You have to remember that these string pullers (who own and control) are thinking decades beyond what any of us do and are 20 moves ahead. Getting the 2 main powers into a conflict is something they know would scare the globe to death, but obviously the safest and most secure way is through a proxy war on land not occupied by either side.

For the short term, it allows both sides to supply arms (making money for defense contractors, shareholders), thus causing destruction to the country, which further increases the potential of private contractors for companies such as Halliburton, GE, etc.

The longer term is more important. It is the elimination and merger of yet another former independent state, apart of the wider financial control structure in the hands of those wielding monetary power and control of the countries such as Germany, USA, Russia, France, UK, Canada, Greece, India. Well, pretty much ALL countries besides 3 (5 if you count 2 in dispute)

The ottoman empire was once a strong independent Islamic power. Iran, and Syria remain.

A lot of people still don't know why they were allied with Germany, or why Europe and the US were at war with Hitler during WW2. The reason for neither US or Russia attacking one another directly is due to them playing on the same sides. All this is show, and to create the illusion of 2 sides preparing for the inevitable WW3
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