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my random drunken face book key styles
« on: November 03, 2013, 05:28:20 AM »
not enough hours in a day for SK like no way, its like decay, more rapid, i rap, iam like likwid, kid, time go away, i stray, your nine spray, my mind spray, he say she say, me i be tha Kray-zeee, and day-leee i drink thee drank, it leave me stank, in bf4 i rank up, hmm wheres a whore for me to unload tha bank, both banks, two kinds of growth skanks, shanks like stab, i grab sum butt what put that on my tab, up n down like wank or a boucein girl, somewhat krazy, the dayz be all hazey, i no longer blaze thee weed c but i fell like it, if i was a girl iam sure i would dike it, if i drink i dont bike it, i walk or bus or train, this is how i talk its like puss on your brain, your infected my intellect inject takin off like a jet i throw up my set, take a chance like a bet, i bet you gon end up wet like u fucked with me and i am Dexter, i leave you wetter than a anime girl in hentai cos i cut you n a way and leave u in the waves, where i went , its like sun in the wet sky, i engraves, suffering like slaves, i dont save hoes i just saves my games adjust my frames, i laze dope like blaze behaves in a way that aint like you fool aim 32, iam clean but dirty too, i dirty you, no not poo just goo and sickness, kuruption, without the brew i cannot function approach the t junction, i be like a lunch with beers and then i have brunch with beers, i am cape fear, i am rape tear tentacle grape in here with vodka, head nod and my main vein throb as your head nod corn on the cob lumps fuck cod got beef i confronts , different fonts i chops , lamb chops on the barbecue i chalk up the cue and break, down south is my state, tentacle grape i sip, but i need alcohol, my mind swoll, get a grip, rip gut, sick shit i nut, no not in the butt but, i like these lil bitches i get out the rutt insight in this cut, leave you all like what the fuck?