Author Topic: So what is a zombie?  (Read 328 times)


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So what is a zombie?
« on: November 17, 2013, 02:20:51 PM »

If you strip away the notion of the undead, then you are left with a mindless human being, a mindless human being who congregate in hoards, their brains are rotting and the only thing they know is the need to kill and "feast" on the untouched.

So let's apply that accordingly, those in a position of any comfort at all, the middle class, the business owners, the upper middle class are the untouched and the zombies are the archetype for the mass hoards of the dispossessed, the unemployed, the desperate etc.

What are series like the walking dead depicting? they are depicting total dehumanisation in which the only way to survive is to kill them, but they aren't people you understand, they are zombies. Various states have been having zombie simulations....the army is rolled out to gun down and contain these zombies before it's too late and they spread too far beyond their reach.

The Department of Homeland Security has not purchased thousands of light armoured tanks and over 2 billion rounds of hollow point bullets for any reason other than to kill. That would suggest that there is a real intention to drop the hammer and after the violent reaction from the people, they will respond with lethal force.

How this plays out, what is the spark of this, i don't know, but it's extremely chilling to see and even more so chilling to see how many people are totally oblivious to what is being rolled out before their eyes and disguised in the thilnly veiled mask of entertainment.

I have often had to revisit this notion because it's crazy right? but then I see how historically this is nothing new. I see that the American government and it's puppet masters has been rapidly creating a police state, a state in which anyone can be murdered, or simply disappears if they are politically labeled as a terrorist.