Author Topic: The white race is killing itself  (Read 2231 times)


Re: The white race is killing itself
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Lucky me. Since death will be the end of all reality experienced by me, what lies ahead of my death doesn't need to concern me.
i donīt need any medicate shit im 100 normal.


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Re: The white race is killing itself
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You don't get it. You aren't there yet. You are still looking at things from a superficial point of view and are obviously distracted by the mainstream's guidance to form your opinion fully.

So what if this is Pakistan soon? I may stay in an affluent area but I am not racist and don't see the issue. Will my family be at risk as they sleep in their beds tonight because the person next door has a different skin tone, or speaks an additional language? There is enough room on this planet for everyone but restrictions make it difficult. We are nothing but livestock. They may not have slave ships, but metaphorically, they still exist, just that they are created and built under foreign affair trade agreements and welfare policies coupled with an "open door" policy, which is just as good as using a physical slave ship.

1 of the main reasons the media focuses on Eastern Europeans is because they make the perfect scapegoat. This whole "drain on the NHS" angle is nothing but a classic piece of social engineering to get the UK populace into accepting the destruction of it's publicly owned health care system. 1 of the last, and largest publicly owned entities left. If you want to believe that "immigration" is the drain on the UK's NHS rather than the huge soars of middle & senior management, unnecessary health care reforms and deliberate time-delaying cost inducing red tape then you are a part of the problem. The obstacles are put there to ensure it doesn't perform well. If the UK public let the NHS go into private hands willingly due to accepting a load of scaremongering, then it's most likely too late.

My family and I already opted out of having our medical records sold off LAST YEAR while everyone was too busy watching X-Factor or seeing who Kanye West was dating to even notice any hint of them being sought by private health insurers. The foundations have been laid for years. Theft of public yet again, but very few will even notice because they're too busy lapping up whatever the news tell them.

And I'm not even one for most of the national health care as the majority of it promotes harmful pharmaceutical drugs. That's another discussion entirely, but the NHS etc. Still serve useful purposes for operations, care, screening and so on. We all are human beings, and deserve to live without restriction unhindered if we mutually respect one another.

The notion of somehow "owing" people for the actions of central planners may sound ridiculous to you, but to me personally, I don't think it is. I don't think it's right how they exploit the Western military to extend their arm for power and control when some of these families have net worths unimaginable to you or I (in trillions) while everyone else starves or struggles.

I agree on the exploitation of the US military budget. Some people have no idea what they're talking about, that military budget is basically the one thing that keeps us in power.

we're not going to be the biggest consumers anymore, we dont manufacture anything besides weapons. We lose that we have nothing, and nothing to stop russia and china to bully us.

lol some people are just oblivious to how the world works, oh yeah lets stop military spending and be a "good chivalrous nation". Just because we stop modern day imperialism or cut budget spending on the military doesnt mean the rest of the world is.


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Re: The white race is killing itself
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I fully agree with your comment about evil perpetuating itself regardless of whether America ceases to be the heart of the war machine, that is why it shouldn't be country specific, but you are also being naïve, as many of these arms manufacturers are now offshoring their operations too and or making cutbacks.


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Re: The white race is killing itself
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 was funny i was talking to a Muslim guy at work today and we were talking and he asked me how many brothers and sister that i had. When i answered 2 brothers and one sister he was like "oh you come from a small family" small family? it pretty rare for whites to have even four lol.
 he has a brother here, 3 sisters interstate and more 9didnt say how many more0 back in Afghanistan.