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Sccit Diss - Infinite inspired me....
« on: April 28, 2015, 10:30:08 PM »
Sccits not the man
Sccits a bloody clown
Working the mic like a dike on a dick
Going down
On the unfamiliar
Sorry homie
I don't feel ya
Ya better off tippin the stripper than the 40
You ain't realer
Than the wheelers n dealers
Straight up hustling cap peelers
Who spit bout real life rather than vicariously kill ya
With raps so wack its embarrassing just to listen
Ya crew look kinda fly but you'd be better off going fishing
Trying to swim with the big boys
Like a guppie imitating a shark
Your a yuppie acting hood
That ain't smart
That ain't sharp
Its far from original
Your themes are played out
Your clout depends on back up
Can't hold your own in a bout
Visiting freestyle cyphers to prove you got game
Calling mummy n daddy hustlers
Abusing the slang
Now you'd have us thinking you down wit the 818 gang
Cos you come from the valley
Say what?
Come again.
Your so down cos your so hungry for the hood riches n fame
You'd maim your own dame n toss her up
Then complain
Bout what could only result in a revolting putang
Are you shame about your heritage or just to vain to admit
That no one wants to hear you spit bout white picket fences n shit
Are you smoking crack
Trying to act all hood
Like its cool
That mummy n daddy couldn't afford to put your ass through school
Or did ya just fry ya brains on that kush they be pushing
You be coming across softer than my tushy on a cushion
Please believe me when I tell ya cos I'm being sincere
I'm gon be straight out about it
Wanna make it real clear
No one wants to hear your wack rhymes
I mean
Your having fun
But if you keep chasing the illusive you'll be a bum by 41
With nothing to actually show
Except some lame youtube video's
Trust me Sccit
Fuck outa here with the dank, drank n hoe's
There's so much more you could do with your life
Nothing wrong with having a lil fun on the mic
But what ya gonna tell ya future kids n wife
Bout how well daddy used to lay pipe
Kept it tight
Kept his act right for what can only be described
As dissapointing and amateurish
Get off the mic Sccit
Its tired.
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Re: Sccit Diss - Infinite inspired me....
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2015, 01:39:10 AM »
Poor me, poor me
I'll never be as dope as sccit
Hanging wit the homes
Drankin malt liquor n shit
Maybe if I learned to spit sick n suck dick
Maybe just maybe I'd be just like sccit
Maybe then I'd be the main muthafuckin bitch in the click
Poor me
Woe is me
I could never compare
To that kike on the mike with the devilish stare
Where for art thou dear sccit
Dare I let down my long hair
Be just like you
All hustle
No cares
No worries bout money
Just strippers n weed
That's all I need to be a true skeez
No talent
Just vanity
And a circumcised dick
Then I'll be able to rock the mic just like sccit
Act hood in the mansion
Shit is flagrant
That's flair
Oh sccit
Your the shit
I could never compare
I wanna be just like you
Hold it down for the crew
Work everyday but the sabbath
Be a right proper Jew
I won't snitch
Even if the homies toss my brother in a ditch
I won't complain
Long as I get a taste of the fame
I'll use words like fiqqa and fo-fo n blunt
Then I'll never get played like a slow, white, geeky chump
Dear sccit
Dear sccit
Could I ever dare be
As down n devoted n devilish as the
If I strip for a living
Would you show me respect
What if I got implants in my ass and my chest
Oh sccit
Your the bomb
I wanna be just like you
I wanna get high n party with the crew at high noon
I wanna be gangsta
A rapper
A hustler
A pimp
Monkey see monkey do
Like a chimp with a limp
I want sex, drugs n music to be my main cause
Cos we all know corruption is what opens the doors
Poor me
Poor me
I could never appeal
To the made muthafuckin don called sccit
He's so real.

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Re: Sccit Diss - Infinite inspired me....
« Reply #2 on: April 29, 2015, 03:21:19 AM »
I know, I know
I'm just jealous of sccit
Haven't been laid for 9yrs
Past my prime n can't spit
Gave up on the g funk, gangsta rap n the game
Sccits a player
I'm just insane, strange n lame
I'm a square ho
Sccit coming straight from the dome
I freestyle with a pen on my own
Sccits in the zone
All pimped out n ballin
Tipping 40s with the peeps
Hustlers like sccit never end up on the streets
They speak that real shit that appeals to the macks n the dons
My first diss was lazy
I must be crazy talking bout moms
Where the hell do I get off saying kike in my rhymes
I might end up like a Nazi n get done for hate crimes
If I don't stop action blind n pay sccit some respect
At least his trying to rap while payin homage to the west
Ripping mics with tight lines bout the homies backin him up
Next I'll be complaining bout degrading images n sluts
Like I got no respect for hoes , money n fame
Like I forgot about the dues ya gotta pay to the game
Don't worry sccit
I don't need to be told
I know how much sex can sell
I know how couragess n bold
It is to exploit n demean another
That's gold
I should just quit while I'm ahead
Put my cards down n fold
I know I'm just coming at ya like a frustrated bitch
I know
Chill baby girl
Maybe I just need some dick
I know I'm crazy, deranged, immature n behind
In the times
Can't catch up to you or your rhymes
I know
I been going about this all the wrong way
While I'm trying to diss ya your digging my grave
Don't have to go much deeper than 2
But then again
Just like infinite
Got nothing better to do
I was inspired to retire then create a new name
For myself
Don't need help
Don't need no acclaim
Don't need power or back up or money or fame
Just a poor righteous teacher to show me the way
So while sccits sporting beanies to cover his dome
So it can't be a target for the smith n wess chrome
Down in the valley with the pimps n the macks
I'm re writing the script instead of spitting wack raps
I'll write odes to god
Preach the opposite of sccits game
Cos I got my heart set on heaven
Waiting on judgement day
Clean my act up n try pave a way to the glorious afterlife n be saved
Got my sight set on the glories that god has in store
Used to fall blindly for lust
I won't fall no more
So while sccits putting out lyrics making ya wanna join in
The infamy
The greed
The corruption n sin
I'll be talkin bout turning the game on its head
Preach bout how if ya fall for that shullbit ya could wind up dead
And how you've sold your soul chasing glitter n gold
Cos shining was such a sight to behold
Gotta be cold n aggressive
Ruthless n clever
Not get wet under water
Hustle in all kinds of weather
Whether it rainin or sunshine
Gotta keep dropping dimes
Gotta keep preaching corruption n vanity in ya rhymes
And even if that's not your culture its cool
Long as you claim to study game n call it old school
Long as ya egos being stroked and ya mans got ya back
Long as it put food on the table don't matter how slack ya raps
So I apologise sincerely sccit
I really should have known
Not to come at ya all self righteous with my petty lil poems
I should just be like everyone else n give props
Cos we all know cash, ho's, clothes n 40s is tops
I know, I know
I'm just jealous of sccit
Haven't been treated like a slut in 9 years n can't spit
No one wanna hear me diss a professional
I'm lame
I should give up and bow down to sccit n his gang
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Re: Sccit Diss - Infinite inspired me....
« Reply #3 on: April 29, 2015, 07:13:32 AM »
Diss infected with anti septic
Unapologetic rhetoric about a heretic so hedonistic he's historically irrelevant
Sccit ain't hitting us up with anything intelligent
Its so unoriginal
He ain't proceeding or setting precedence
Sccits rhymes are an embellishment
Practically biblical
Methodologically medieval
Babble on ya Babylonian bipartisan
Its pitiful
I'm practical
Not very tactful
I'm not trying to mack n jack ya fool
I might jock occasionally but I can handle innocent mocking
Its all retractable
I could wrap it up neatly with a lil wise crack or two
Have you swollow it like a digestable capsule until it repeats on you
No disrespect with the anti semitism
I too am part Jew
And Berber and church of england
But we got Deuteronomy 14:8 in common
Don't we boo
If I was you
I'd be less dependant on resentment
Reverse the desire to seek vengeance
Practice respect for the meek with humble ebriety and reputable righteousness
Address adversity
Fly to Cairo n visit the worlds oldest university
Explore a universe of knowledge so diverse it impresses upon even those who're perverse
I'd rehearse rhymes bout religious rights if I was so inclined
To seek the sanctuary of the devine in confines so sublime
That they shine even brighter in the disbelievers eyes
I would have shaken the shackles off earlier if I had of been wise
Instead I recognise
Admist all the frivolity in your fascist rhymes
A denial of debauchery and a determination to continue destructively
So I patronise
Try to have you heed my sound advice
Knowing we are each to our own
And my demise
Though akin to your sin
Did not manifest and materialise
Through the degradation of another
Rather through victimisation and exploitation
Like so many before me
I was betrayed by a brother
So I retire from self effacing pleasure
Now I'm procrastinating like its a reformers vendetta
Like an old drug abuser who chooses to quit
But I'm still one step ahead sccit
He's trapped in a wack school that teaches cash rules to attack tools who pool their profits to promote the same hipocrisy that extracts fools from one position of submissiveness n into another
That's not innocent
Rather exceptionally expectant
To the extent that they believe the afterlife was invented
So who's really complacent
The surgeon or the patient
You wouldn't accept what you deem unacceptable but you'd demean
Another human for Cali connects n some c.r.e.a.m.
Then you have the audacity to call it a respectable practice
Would someone please pull out an atlas
Show me where on earth people like sccit don't exist
Their so common like fleas crawling all over dogs
And dogs itch
Trying to scratch you off the surface of the earth is like trying to kill roaches
Even atomic bombs don't work
Might have to hire some poachers n send em to the LA zoo
Tell em to keep an eye out for wiggaz like you
I could go anywhere in the world n find corruption in spades
I could probably find relics and depictions of it in caves
Now its cool to be infamous
Same game
Different plays
Now its hip to be stupid n not have a care
Act better than everyone else
Put on airs
No different if ya rich
Only difference is
I'm smalltime
Your audience is those who envy the Biggs
Still wanna propagate sin in the name of a gain thats just foul
Till ya meet someone who don't care a bit if you bow down
All they want ya do is quit
That's why I got a lil respect for sccit
At least he doesn't give up even if his rhymes sound like shit
What can I do
Hell I'm just trying to keep it real too
Keep my sights set on heaven and do what I do...
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Re: Sccit Diss - Infinite inspired me....
« Reply #4 on: April 29, 2015, 05:26:59 PM »
Sorry amigo
Let's go back to the start
Let me admit to my part in this travesty we call art
Like a tapestry sown n hung on a wall
If the foundations are crooked then its destined to fall
I once wrote a poem under the alias ebano bianco
Just some soft shit
Not rough stuff cos I don't wanna be a stank ho
Sccit gave me props so I wrote a cube diss
Sccit dissed me back so I give him some quips
Something bout making money offa crackers
Sccit messaged me then posted a pic of fried chicken at maccas
I kept writing poetry
Sccit continued to reply
Told him I wasn't lookin for feedback
He said that's alright
Then I deleted my account
Sccit asked me to come back
I have no idea why cos my rhymes are straight wack
But I did as he asked
Opened a new account
Used an old nickname from my wayward youth, no doubt
Wrote some more poetry
Spammed the studio
Under the username bonez
Told sccit I can't flow
Then I posted in the forums
Cos I'm bored most days
But sccits witty replies always kept me entertained
Then I closed my account
Cos I'm mentally unstable
Thought someone had tapped me cos I revealed my last name is caple
Then I got bored again
Alas I must admit
I opened a new account just to diss sccit
Had a few words with others online
Didn't take nothing personal cos I'm dumb I'm not blind
I can see what right in front of my eyes
Can't see through sccits
But he just spitting a different demise
So back to dissin sccit
Last account werent so bad
Sometimes dubcc forum can be kinda mad
Sometimes the threads can be pathetic and sad
Got kids dreaming bout suge n haters calling em fags
So I closed my account cos I sensed evil n shit
Don't like the sticky topic 'post a random fine bitch'
But I kept coming back cos these kids make me laugh
They can actually be quite funny when they set emselves apart
From the blind idolatry that's killing the world
Infecting communities and families n little boys n girls
Have us admiring the wrongs
Now its all about shine
Which brings me back to sccit n dissin him in rhyme
Now I gotta admit I only read infinites words
I rarely click on links but even though I haven't heard
What its sposed to sound like I know its not refined
Which got me to thinking bout my own sccit diss rhymes
Its so easy to hate when you got no talent of your own
So easy to dismiss someone else's well honed flow
So I'll tip the scales n admit I can't go
Pound for pound in a cypher cos I'm whiter than snow
Got no rythym ya know
I'm just a writer who kinda likes ta let emself go
But that's besides the point
Fact of the matter is
Sccit be actin like he so above this kid infinite
I found infinite humble n poetic
I'd give him props just for trying
Just like I'd give props to sccit if he weren't actin like a lion
Like he king of the jungle when its only the web
Like we just puny humans and he's demanding respect
So I opened a new account
Spent 10minutes writing some crap
Then I rewrote the shit cos the first sccit diss was wack
Then I wrote 2 more
This one makes 5
I bet sccit don't even dignify it with a reply
I bet he on some holier than thou fuckin trip
I'm messin with ya on and off the mic sccit
Come on cutey
Ya know ya wanna shoot me straight down
Stop action all boss
Go back to clowning around
Its boring without you
Turn my frown upside down
Or what
You n ya crew gon run my ass outa town
Don't be cruel
I'm just picking on lil ole you
I'm a hater
Your a player
We do what we do
If I was born in the 90s I'd probably be down for you
Lap up ya wack rap n pay pay plenty props to you
But I'm an 80s baby
We don't smoke crack baby
I'm a smack baby
Establishing the fact that I must be bat crap crazy
For trying to rip sccit without one mic to my name
I'll admit I freestyles a bit back in the day
Sat my ass in the gutter in st kilda and kicked
What I called a limerick but could be confused with real spit
Then I ripped it up at work in the deli n on a train
Sometimes I record my lame rhymes cos I'm vain
Not to music
There's no four bar beat rythym n shit
Like I told ya
I love the written word sccit
So before I end this rhyme I must confess
Seriously gotta get this shit off my chest
I'm embarrassed by wiggaz
Don't wanna be judged the same
As these ignoratios profiting from what I thought was a black mans game
Don't want people to think just cos I like writing rhymes
That I wanna be down or I'm chasing the shine
Don't wanna be evil n act like its cool
To disrespect myself by acting the fool
Don't wanna adopt or embody the game
N when I see white kids do it it makes me feel shame
So alas I must resign from listening to gangsta rap
I wasn't consciously listening
Now I hear its a trap
It used to be fun
I just did as I pleased
Poppin pills
Getting drunk
Using speed
Smoking weed
But I been around for 32yrs in this bitch
I got more than some but I've never been rich
I'm happy with average
Sure, my cash flows low class
But that don't mean I'll seek financial security by giving up the ass
So instead I choose god
Made a promise to him
And I've kept it
Now I just gotta check my other sins
I'm not trying to be just like you
I wanna be a believer whether christian, Muslim or Jew
And now that my eyes have been fully opened
It got me seriously wondering
What the fuck is sccit smoking
Thinking its cool to be rude
Your still just a kid
I hope you find the straight path a lot sooner than I did.
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Re: Sccit Diss - Infinite inspired me....
« Reply #5 on: April 29, 2015, 10:37:58 PM »
Sccit said he ain't no killer but don't push him
I called him out on that fiqqa cos I consider the synonyms a sin
He said he the one in the crew wit a hunnid thousand blunts to light
Talk bout burning money
I said smoke some weed
He say he always coming tight
He called me a square ho said I wouldn't understand though
I didn't tell him what I be over stand in or that I'm just a rare ho
The type that don't like it when fair beau starts to stare so I look down outa modesty but I've had my share of affairs dough
Sccit talking gurl n darlin
Sccit spitting bout evil n sin
Sccit just a kid in the big scheme of things
Catch him on his own he wont know where to begin
Dissin sccit is like teaching a fish how to swim
Born to do it
So fluid n fluent when I go after him
Poor sccit
You be the mac daddy alright
Big Mac  in McDonalds with them flows oh so tight
Dear sccit
Could I ever be as all knowing as you
Not pay any mind to my haters and be part of a crew
Oh sccit
Even though I'm just playing and shit
I get the impression that you don't like it one bit
Am I being a greedy fee who bleeds once a month
Don't trust anything that bleeds for week n don't die
Got that cuz
Would you like me to read your palm and predict
What's gon happen if you keep spitting wack shit
That's a death sentence for you
Are you shame of your voice
Is that why you use auto tune
Dear sccit
Dear me
What am I to do
Should I quit with the sarcastic remarks n act cool
Like I so wanna be down with these kids on the net
Wanna go to my grave with lots of wicked memories n no regrets
Wanna stomp on some Nazis with me next time your in town
I'll line em up for you
Have ten of em layed out on the ground
Dear sccit
Dear me
I guessed I'll never learn
How many times do I have to be burned
Before I finally realize that I'm a peasant n your king
I can't rap
I can't dance
I can't jive
I can't sing
Did I diss the whole lamb FAM too
If I don't like a video I'll say so
So fuck you
I said ya boys look fly
Cos I like em tall dark n handsome
But I'm homely
Not homie
I didn't like the pole dancing
Or the hood shit in the mansion
You calling yaself a surgeon n spitting shit like that skitzo Charles Manson
Oh well
Time will tell
You just keep having fun
Maybe the other members were right and your just chewing through a trust fund
But until you come up with something truly original
I'm gon keep dissin you sccit
I don't care if its unforgivable
You don't give two shits bout bitches so why should I
Yep yep yep
I'm calling you a bitch sccit
Bye bye
I don't care if don't dignify this with a reply
I'll do what I want till the day that I die.....

Which could be a lot sooner than expected if you really are Cali connected...
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Infinite Trapped in 1996

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Re: Sccit Diss - Infinite inspired me....
« Reply #6 on: May 01, 2015, 03:33:10 AM »
you got some serious talent with you...

glad I could be of some inspiration...

May take a minute for me to sift thru all these rhymes, I can see that when you express it doesn't come in drops but as a waterfall  ;)

"I will make records as big or bigger than Death Row".   -Dre, Source 1996

"I didn't do nothing but make people money and I didn't leave nobody high and dry.  Any album (on death row) people are going to check for.  But it's time for Dre to worry about Dre.  I'm focused on the new Snoop Doggs, not like that but you know what I mean."

Dre -  Source 1996 cover

"Ain't trying to stick around for Illuminati (One World Government Takeover) / Got to buy my own island by the year 2-G



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Re: Sccit Diss - Infinite inspired me....
« Reply #7 on: May 01, 2015, 03:40:31 AM »
Are you shame about your heritage or just to vain to admit
That no one wants to hear you spit bout white picket fences n shit
Are you smoking crack
Trying to act all hood
Like its cool
That mummy n daddy couldn't afford to put your ass through school
Or did ya just fry ya brains on that kush they be pushing
You be coming across softer than my tushy on a cushion

Cause I don't care where I belong no more
What we share or not I will ignore
And I won't waste my time fitting in
Cause I don't think contrast is a sin
No, it's not a sin

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Re: Sccit Diss - Infinite inspired me....
« Reply #8 on: August 03, 2020, 02:47:31 PM »
So I like all of these poems except where I call Sccit a kike.
Fuck White Supremacy
And I don't want him to forgive me coz that shit is un-fuckin-forgivable