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What Do You Call Police
« on: June 23, 2015, 05:13:59 PM »
A cop was checking me over the system once n he turns around and says " so Ebony, your a Mexican? "...
I said " don't call me a Mexican ya bloody cockroach " and the other cop laughed...
Over here, a cockroach is either from NSW or QLD but you can call a VIC a Mexican cos they south of the boarder....
A Koori term for police is gunjibulls or gunjies for short...
Some people call em dogs...
Some people in VIC call em the Jacks or Jax...
I caIl em cockroaches cos ya find em crawlin everywhere...
In ya cupboards, ya house, ya bins, the streets...
We also call a police station the Cop Shop...
My daddy wanted to be a policeman, then he discovered herion...
I called a female police officer " ya white trash, just like me" n got apprehended for it, then they helped me out...
Cops are weird...
I met an ex cop who said, " if ya in the force, ya either new or corrupt ".....

What are your terms for police??
Sometimes I call em cunt stable, a pun on contstable, sometimes I call em Sir....
I know jay z reffered to them as bitchez and he got 99 problems but a bitch ain't 1....

What do you call police???
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Re: What Do You Call Police
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2015, 12:42:28 AM »
lol, aye. We just call them pigs in NZ.

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Re: What Do You Call Police
« Reply #2 on: June 26, 2015, 02:32:37 AM »
I remember when we used to have a two cent coin...
We sitting round, cops be around, someone start singing "what's the colour of a two cent piece??? Copper, copper!"
Good times....
Pigs pretty average...


Re: What Do You Call Police
« Reply #3 on: July 13, 2015, 09:33:49 PM »
No I dont! Lol


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Re: What Do You Call Police
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No I dont! Lol

But its fun calling em.....


Re: What Do You Call Police
« Reply #5 on: November 04, 2015, 01:45:35 AM »
Constable > Officer.

The 2 are entirely different. Calling a policeman an 'officer' is you recognizing his right and ability to make all the laws, which have fines associated with them stick. By addressing him Constable, you are immediately separating yourself away from being out of pocket due to stupid made up rules and unless you have committed a murder or harmed another human being, you are pretty much safe.

Police officer, is really just a shorted down version of 'Policy Enforcement Officer', doing the bidding of big corporations, writing up tickets and stacking up that revenue
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Re: What Do You Call Police
« Reply #6 on: January 17, 2016, 09:02:59 PM »
Umm we just call em bitches!! bustas, scary fucks who got bullied and now wanna bully wit they badge. Where I'm from, we don't respect police. We might respect the Law, but never police.


Re: What Do You Call Police
« Reply #7 on: June 25, 2016, 02:21:34 PM »
Umm we just call em bitches!! bustas, scary fucks who got bullied and now wanna bully wit they badge. Where I'm from, we don't respect police. We might respect the Law, but never police.
COP  COPPER   Cheap metal

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Re: What Do You Call Police
« Reply #8 on: October 23, 2016, 06:40:36 PM »
My last interaction with Police was January 2016.
I screamed in public until a female policewoman made eye contact with me from across the street.
I yelled at her "What the fuck you gonna do? Go on, get ya back up"
A police van drove up to me.
I hauled my luggage at the traffick and stepped onto the road.
An officer exited the van and told me to stop.
I stopped.
I lifted my shirt, smacked both hands to my gut and screamed "Come on. Have a go. Have me. Have me"
I then put me hand to my side, open, with the intent of reaching for a knife I had in my pocket, the handle visible.
The officer looked at me in the eye, then followed my hand.
He said "Grab the knife"
I grabbed the knife.
He said "Drop it on the ground"
I hesitated, then threw it directly on the ground.
He said "Turn around"
I turned around.
He said "Put your hands behind your back"
I put my hands behind my back at the base of my spine.
He approached and handcuffed me and led me to a paddy wagon and a boy emerged from the crowd and told him to leave me alone.
I told the boy I wanted to go with them.
I sat in the paddy wagon screaming about being raped.
I stated I had schizophrenia.
The officer asked me name.
I said Ebony Caple.
He said Daple.
I said Caple. C-A-P-L-E
He said Daple and wrote it down.
He asked did I want to be taken to the hospital.
I said "Why? So they can rape me there too?"
He drove me to The watchhouse across the road.
I exited the paddy wagon handcuffed and was led to a holding cell.
I told them I had two other knoves in my luggage.
They locked me in the cell and I watched them rummage through my belongings.
They found my English version of the Quran and held it up in the air.
I screamed that this had nothing to do with that.
They pulled me from the cell and asked did I want protective custody?
I asked "Whats that?"
They said its usually reserved for child molesters.
I declined.
They put me in a cell with a concrete bench and tv and blinds drawn over the windows.
I just sat inside giggling hysterically.
They pulled me out and asked a series of questions whilst two female officers stood behind me flicking the rubber gloves they had on their hands.
I was led back to the cell.
I was pulled out again and fingerprinted and laughed stating to the fat officer "Im not supposed to be laughing with you"
They told me they would hold me a moment longer.
I asked did it state anywhere in my charges that I brandished a knife on an officer?
They said no.
I complimented the officer who arrested me for giving clear direct orders.
I was released into the community with a future court date.
I rambled on the street in the city incoherently for 3-4 days, approached by various street people who shared their cigarettes with me and also handing out money to a few pan handlers until I was broke.
I fell asleep in the Queen Street Mall after taking Quetiapine and woke to an Asian man with hand outstretched.
He handed me $50.
I eventually ranf triple 0 and requested to be admitted to hospital with a voice quite loudly yelling in my mind "DO NOT GO TO HOSPITAL "
Iwas detained in hospital for 2 n a half months.
Upon release, the very first night, I recieved a call from police stating they had found my vehicle and it was in a holding yard and they gave me the number of the towing company. I retrieved my car.
I appeared in court where I was told the Mental Health Tribunal was still deliberating my case.
I returned a month or so later after recieving a notice that I would be tried by the normal courts system.
Upon arrival at the magistrates courthouse I requested legal aid. I was informed that my case had been discontinued and that I should appear to be heard and dismissed by the judge.
I was the second last person to be heard that day.
When I approached the bench the judge said "Lets proceed with sentencing" I went to object until legal aid stated that the case had been discontinued.
No charge, no fine, no public service.
I left feeling relieved but was at odds with the entire proceedings.
I believe this is an example of white privilege.
If someone has acted on behalf, I question their intention.
I do not agree with abusing police as it can lead to harsh infractions upon liberties.
I hope for this type of event to never happen again.
I am not fond of police, having many negative interactions with them since youth but can solemly admit to being shown a leniancy not extended to others.
Had I been Islamic I would have been labelled a terrorist and should note that I took my scarf off my head before the interaction realising my appearance could have a negative impact on the Islamic community. I was wearing the scarf because I had shaved my head.
I hope to never incite the police but have since attended a Black Lives Matter Protest, protesting the bias and harsh application of law towards People Of Color.
I will no longer attend protests as I believe my past experiences could marr events.


Re: What Do You Call Police
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