Author Topic: What's a more important issue: The Confederate Flag or Bill Cosby????  (Read 6462 times)

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Re: What's a more important issue: The Confederate Flag or Bill Cosby????
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Neither. They are both media distractions getting people ready for the coming race wars. Anyone focused on either issue needs to know that what they think is dictated to them by the media.

Clarification please, because the media is crucifying Bill and although the Confederate Flag is getting coverage I don't see the same tactics being used against Bill to totally tarnish his image being used to being about an awareness and misappropriation of the Confederate Flag.... Something that is displayed publicly at venues of law and order in an age where it is widely known as to the beliefs and mindsets it represents and therefore encourages.....
I know who's side I'm on, and I'll gladly stand up front n take a shot for the real, just as blacks were made to stand at the front of the battle in the civil war....
Not sure how else I can say it.

Racially speaking: Black man raping White women = white's get mad, Black's look bad. Confederate flag controversy = Black's mad it's up, White's mad they want it down. Either discussion only causes racial tension. Neither issue has to be discussed at all or to the extent it's being discusses. They do the same thing with police shootings. Make it Black/White even when it isn't always the case or dare I say the real issue. Right now the media is attacking the populace from various directions and it's all done to get people riled up and at each others throat. The outcome is a race war which you seem down for.

Thank you for clarifying....
And your opinion is indeed valid....
No I'm not down, but if I gotta take sides, I'm quite willing to jump off the fence....

You're allowing them to play you like a fiddle. Neither of these issues impacts you, they are shown to you to get you angry, and that's exactly what's happening to you. I'd advise to not watch television.

You're willing to catch a bullet because you think the media is being too harsh on Bill Cosby and not harsh enough on the confederate flag? I'd say it's time to focus on something else.

I did get angry after retreating into solitude and ending up in a psych ward with white supremists singing adle vice as they stalked the halls of the wards. My anger resulted in yet another hospitalization where I ended up sitting out the front of the hospital and screaming to the thin air, surrounded by people I identify with culturally "You Disgusting White Cunts!!!"
I was sedated and mistreated in my being a patient which you would think would deter me from seeking medical help but had the result of my resigning from life and succumbing to illness and continualyy seeking treatment from a corrupted facility governed by corrupt faculty.

Considering that the percieved intent of brandishing racist paraphernalia is to either incite or silence I try to remain mindful of how my reaction can have consequences for others.

I do not wish for war.

I do not wish to disturb peace.

I also do not wish to condone and contribute to the belittlement of man through silence.

Im still learning.


Now that I've settled a bit and my situation has improved I'd like to revisit this topic

How can we just sit by idle and wait for another catastrophe before we become motivated to act?

After my last episode, which was a first for me in terms of the language used and views expressed I wanna go back to advocating, for the cause. For the same people I abused through my hallucinatory idiocy.

I still think that hate insignia should be outlawed and criminalised or the wound never heals and the wars never end.
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