Author Topic: NFL's Dana Stubblefield Charged with Raping Disabled Woman  (Read 273 times)


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alright now is time to make the guys running with balls for hours  interesting now  8)


9:52 AM PST -- Dana Stubblefield has addressed the media -- and adamantly denied raping the woman ... saying, "I am completely innocent of all these allegations."

He continued, "This is an issue that is very close to me. One of my primary charities is Special Olympics, something that is true and dear to my heart. That is why these allegations hurt me so badly. I'm not a perfect man, however these allegations coming against me coming a year after a consensual encounter with another woman are all totally false."

"I will defend myself with all of my strength."

Stubblefield's attorney says the ex-NFL star was arrested in front of his children's school Monday in front of his children. The attorney says the arrest was part of a plan to humiliate Stubblefield and sensationalize the case.

Stubblefield's attorney has implied the D.A. waited more than a year to charge Stubblefield because he wants to run for Attorney General of California and wanted the case to be closer to the election.


Dana Stubblefield's attorney says the woman accusing him of rape is NOT mentally disabled and absolutely has the ability to give consent to sex ... and he says they can prove it.

As we previously reported, prosecutors say the accuser has a "mental disorder and developmental and physical disability" which prevents her from being able to give legal consent to sex.

Stubblefield was even charged with rape with someone incapable of giving consent.

But we spoke with Ken Rosenfeld who tells us ... it's just not true.

In fact, Rosenfeld says the woman has a criminal history and has accepted plea deals in the past -- and judges wouldn't have let a mentally disabled person do that.

Rosenfeld says the woman also ran an Avon business in the past -- further proving she's a competent person.

Rosenfeld says the district attorney is claiming the woman has a speech impediment -- which they are considering a mental disability. Rosenfeld says it's pure BS.
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