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Bret Hart On Backstage McMahon Drama At Payback ppv
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Back in March it was reported that there's talk behind-the-scenes in WWE that Vince McMahon and Triple H have some real-life tension between them backstage in WWE. The Wrestling Observer reported that Vince may even be playing Shane against Stephanie and his son-in-law in their off-screen family drama, as Shane left the company in 2009 when he found out HHH and Steph would be taking over the company instead of him. Bret Hart recently added to this story, saying it seemed like there was "real tension" backstage at Payback.

On his latest Sharpshooter Show podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer says he noticed that he never saw Shane in the same room as Stephanie and Triple H. "I was just reading between the lines without knowing anything. It seemed like there was real tension there. They were all really friendly when they saw me but you never saw anybody at the same time," The Hitman explained. "I noticed when I saw Shane after Nattie’s match, he didn’t go into the gorilla position. He kind of stayed out. I realized then that it was because Stephanie and Triple H were in there. So, I don’t know…maybe there’s real tension there."

Hart says he thinks Vince McMahon is "loving" the tension, and he thinks the real-life drama is influencing WWE's current television storylines. He thinks Vince's children and Triple H are probably uncomfortable with the tension, and that Vince would be the one throwing more gas on the fire.

"I sense that there is some real tension in the family. I got the impression from watching it on TV, just like the fans do, that Vince is loving it," Hart said. "He loves the tension between them. This little storyline that they have seems like it’s true and it’s based on a real situation. A lot of times that what Vince likes to play on.”

The Hitman also revealed that he mostly dealt with Vince one-on-one when setting up the "Chicago screwjob" angle at Payback, and that he thought it was "pretty lame." Bret said putting Flair in the Sharpshooter was his idea to end the segment on a good note.