Author Topic: Are You Genuinely Outraged About White Supremacy? In Light Of Charlottesville  (Read 1203 times)

Ebony Zebedee

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Are you genuinely outraged about white supremacy following the events played out in Charlottesville or are you simply reacting to long overdue coverage of an ideology that has been in practice since the inception of what we term Western civilization?
Are you invested in combatting this ideology that permeates every faculty and facility of Western society to the detriment of those who do not identify as white?
Are you just riding a wave of hysteria now that the extent of white supremacy in practice has resulted in the public murder of one of your own?
Do you truly want to hear the voices, fears, concerns and grievances of those MOST at risk of white supremacy and if so, are you willing to use your privilege to propel their voices, back up their activism, combat their enemy and insist on dismantling this system of white supremacy that dictates social norms and all forms of social, political and economical advantage?
We’re all subject to fanaticism. Are you merely fascinated or are you genuinely concerned for the welfare of those who risk life and limb every damn day objecting to the same institutions of white supremacy that protect our privileges and instil the same oppressive sense of superiority that these degenerate, openly fascist and racist supremacists thrive on and seek to uphold in the face of a more equitable and equal reality?
I attended a Black Lives Matter protest in 2016 and one of the event organizers stated that we are the Civil Rights Movement of today. These words seem profound now that the media is branding anti fascist, anti racist, pro black and progressive protesters as Civil Rights activists. Very profound considering the coverage of Black Lives Matter was marred by debate terming them terrorists, rioters, agitators.
Another thing that comes to mind is that the reality of this modern day Civil Rights activism is only validated once whites openly agree to it. We are practicing white supremacy by not valuing the voices of those who birthed these progressive views. Those who conceived the idea of advocating for the rights of identity groups who for too long have been subject to discrimination, hate, resentment, bias and violence at the hands of US. “Us” being complicit whites who feel no need to combat the systemic and foundational practices of white supremacy that devalue and demoralize non white identity groups.
I am asking sincerely if you are genuinely concerned because I fear a faux outrage is being practiced and once the medias attention changes direction so too will your support for peoples too often and for too long subject to the crimes of our complacency.
Are you merely mirroring the same sense of entitlement that white supremacists practice by treating this issue as a fad that doesn’t warrant your attention or contemplation unless provoked by trend?
Is your outrage in fact akin to cultural appropriation where you wear the mask of an anti racist and repeat the popularized slogans and chants but in reality you’re not prepared invest in the actual lived experience of challenging white supremacy openly, publicly or privately?
The people you claim to advocate for can’t put their identity down for the day and direct their energies towards an assumed safety where they can blend into a community or society that upholds their anonymity. Activism and advocating against white supremacy means legitimately countering the racial bias practiced in society in all areas of functionality. It’s not a trend. It’s not fashionable. It’s not about labelling yourself “woke” or an “ally”. Its about recognizing systemic disadvantages, privilege, danger and accountability.
I am asking if you’re genuinely outraged because my social media timelines are flooded with clever quips and apparent dismay at the scenes played out in Charlottesville when only 2 days ago the only people openly challenging white supremacy were for the most part People of Color whereas most of the white people I follow are advocating for LGBT rights, or to impeach Trump, or feminists. So I ask, sincerely,  will you challenge white supremacy as avidly as you are today when the media quietens is coverage? When the burden of responsibility is once again shouldered by people most at risk and your fanaticism wanes into a disapproving shrug? Will you take up the task of educating yourself out of your fragile white stupor and expose yourself to the teachings and histories of those who have been on the frontlines battling white supremacy since its inception?
There are a wealth of resources available to research and a myriad of organizations already fighting that will welcome your time, effort, contributions, compassion and economical investment.
Charlottesville is a mere drop in an ocean that ebbs and flows and rises and falls under the influence of white supremacist ideology. If it has captured your attention please don't look away toward selfish interests that serve only those you identify with. There are people who experience the events that happened in Charlottesville regularly and they are deserving of your attention and contributions. If white people become truly invested in dismantling white supremacy for the benefit of those MOST at risk of it then there is a fighting chance. We, white people, created white supremacy. We continue to benefit from it. We can no longer keep pushing it aside to focus on self serving interests. I genuinely hope the outrage you feel today stays with you and drives you to be actively involved in combatting, challenging, dismantling and defeating the institution of white supremacy.


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