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Infinite Trapped in 1996

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Birth vision
« on: April 21, 2018, 03:24:16 AM »
Artist: Infinite
Song: Don't Be Mad

Birth vision/
Naturally born
State of peaceful submission
To the one that is Infinitely giviní
Blessing from God above
Seed of a father truth to me
From as far as I could see out
My motherís womb
Would soon learn untruths
After birth thru false words
Came afflicted with the curse
When father was swapped and
Was ananymous and replaced with
A father popped off on some Iím
Leaving and not coming back backóstepped
While brother wept and while Iíd just wait
He still came back that nightólate
But fate was supposed to be sealed
I was never supposed to know the real
But the real was hidden in memories
From earliest ages and as I grew in stages
It threatened to leave me
But I bound back so it was never lost
Was reborn from a jin opening the door
Islamic religion rebirthed with course
Outside of my damaged upbrought
And caught on to new ways of the sage
And Sufi till the truth came to me
And reborn again 3rd time now when I find
The truth of my father and birthright
Infinite eternally blessed from the accursed
Bringing truth to light!

Donít be mad at the dad you never had
Oh itís not so bad, there is worse of course
Cart before the horse, never knew the source of my birth,
25 and Iím twice divorced, never no family life
Since the night of 14 two of my fingers could be seen
Up in the air, I donít care, and yes it was the middle one,
Could have fun if I fake it till I make it and just smile
Deed was done age of one, a nameless father
Who never wanted to meet his son,
Swapped with another and a brother I thought was my full one
Thatís fine on mine they tell me Iím wanted and loved
And the rest donít matter except Iím crying at night
Cause a story they never told me the right version of one
Thought I was biologically my legal and adopted fatherís son
Till way passed the age of 31 I discovered
What kind of deed was done,
How I was conceived and the seed of a medical procedure done
Secretive and artificial insemination so I guess my life is an artifice and fake one
Dad I never had discovered this but donít be mad just be glad
Iím a nameless fathers son, canít have the love of um,
Canít walk and chew gum while staring at the sun
Canít have your cake and eat one
Donít be mad
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