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Ebony Bree Caple

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Devils Playground
« on: May 11, 2018, 01:38:22 AM »
Most days I just appreciate the chance to be free of pain
Although of a night I doubt Iíll see a tomorrow like today
I rest my head quite peacefully although I sleep in vain
Knowing th@ Im testing fate
Itís a constant nightmare inside my brain
Happened b4 so it could happen again

I while away the hours
As I pray
Hope 2 God that the innocent are saved from the evils that pervade
Innocent wishes for my brothers & sisters
Mislead and cast astray
Iíd do it all again just the same if I thought itíd help in any way

Schadenfreudes hawk misery
Our loss is but their gain
They do it oh so willingly
Completely unashamed
You donít have to sugar coat it
Thereís no need to explain
Its just the way of a cruel world
Happens every friggin day
Thereís no escape
They thrive on hate
No 1 dares complain

Thereís not much method to this maddening scheme
Other than getting paid
The audience devour the foulness
Addicted to disdain
Degrading and humiliating those who strived and overcame
Only to be thrown back to the pack of wolves who bare their fangs for fame

I openly admit to the fact that Im afraid
Got no back up
Got no clout
Im just 1 person whoís been framed
Im up against an army
They call themselves a gang
And Im at risk
Not just because I snitched
But because I am insane
I honestly lost control
But no one cares if Im deranged

Infact they celebrate my lack of sanity
Theyíre obviously strange
They invest in the opposite of truth
My life is just a game
They toy with my humanity
Like cats and dogs they love 2 play
Pit each of us against ourselves
They delight in the display
They revel in devilry every day