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Plagiarising Tupac - Fuck All Yall
« on: May 11, 2018, 01:43:32 AM »
Money gone
Fuck yall
I need a brother that love me when all these undercover muthaz be on me
I got problems
Aint nobody callin back
My ex told me its all about dogs and cats
You all about ya dollars
Make me wanna rob ya
Drop an album
Sell a million
Give a fuck about ya brothers
I know
Could throw ya middle finger if ya felt me loc
But you dont
Hope you choke on that indo smoke
Ill drop nightmares on em
Till Im dead n broke
You kinda funny honey
Now whos the joke
I gots respects for all the true women
No straps
Corruption rules everything around me
Imagine a nobody gettin the respect of a Queen
I was a fiend for the weed
Ecstacy and speed
No one backin me up
I hold my own to survive
Fuck ya games and gangs
Fuck ya dollars and dimes
Strivin just to stay alive
Time to rise
Dont do the crime if you cant pay the fine
They set me up for the fall cos they gutless and weak
Sin sells in every state, city, suburb and street
Fuck All Yall