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Ebony Bree Caple

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I'll Just Be Damned
« on: May 31, 2018, 12:54:25 AM »
Nothin left to live for
No one left to love
No hope of escaping
Guess Iím simply stuck
Knowing things can escalate
Knowing Iíll fall prey
To all these dirty deamons that interfere in my every day
No more wishful thinking
No more sugar coated lies
No investing in a betterment
Im left to do nothing but despise
Detesting their very existence
Deranged at any given time
Thereís no justice in this world
Itís just a matter of my demise
I canít expect a safety or security or trust
Theyíve infected every faculty in society
Iím goin bust
I used to be blissfully ignorant
Now I see it all so clear
All Iím left with is the torment
Thoughts of torture bring me fear
You can only die once they say
So far Iíve died twice
Still I find myself alive
Guess its just the roll of the dice
Iíve turned so many leaves in vain
Tried to start anew
Now all I anticipate is victimhood and sick abuse
Itís a cold world
Cold shoulders and callousness feed their foul desires
I almost worked up the guts to set myself on fire
Turns out Iím too scared to kill myself
Donít wanna go to hell
They wanna give me hell on earth
That much I can tell
Itís just good versus evil
Iíve been sinful
Fallen from grace
They set me up so willingly with a sneer upon their face
Ive tried to forgive my enemies
Ive tried confession to repent
They justify it easily
Now all I do is resent
Im bitter
I never used to feel this way
I used to be content despite their evil ways
I used to be appreciative of every given day
Now Im just disappointed
Ive not much left to say
Said it all before
No one gave a damn
Infact they delighted in my misery
My suffering was planned
From the get go I shoulda let go
Let god
Lest I wake once more
To evidence of their pestilence and the fact Iím being whored
Nobody really gives a fuck and even those who do
Know that there are consequences for speaking up about abuse
Happens in foreign lands just the same as my meek home
People are trafficked as if theyíre chattle
Itís not like weíre devil prone
Itís just the way of cruel world where power protects those of us
Who see profit within misery and delight in being corrupt
Iíve tried to rationalize yet it seems that thereís no logic
Profit is the plan
And so I concede defeat and figure Iíll just be damned